BK Hope Cures Horse Races For The Cure

Giddy up for a night of FUN for a great cause! 

Who do you waaaaaannnnttt?

We are so excited to bring a little bit of #WoodlochAtHome excitement to your living room while supporting a tremendous cause!

The BK Hope Cures foundation has raised more than $1.3 million in the battle against cancer over the past 20+ years, and we are so happy to bring a new event to support the cause! We will be hosting a very special night of our #WoodlochAtHome Horse Races to benefit Hope Cures on Sunday, February 28th at 8 PM on the world wide web! You’ll learn more about the foundation, and enjoy 5 of our traditional horse races featuring your favorite jockeys!

Best of all- we’re bringing our exciting Horse Auction into the mix! Make a bid in our famous Woodloch Horse Auction to buy a Woodloch horse (donations handled after top 6 bids are finalized), then see your faithful steed run off in our grand finale. The top 6 submissions will be mentioned during our auction race and they will take home their very own commemorative wooden horse!  Highest donation gets 1st choice, 2nd gets 2nd choice, and so on and so forth.

Bidding is open now through February 24th at midnight- current high bids are listed below and will be updated on Mondays and Fridays! Submitting a bid is not a final donation- just a bid! Thank you to all in advance!

All proceeds from our horse auction benefit BK Hope Cures foundation in the never-ending fight against cancer.