Ice Skating in PA: Go for Gold at Woodloch!

So many young Americans dream about being the next Mike Modano or Michelle Kwan within seconds of successfully taking that first stride on a fresh sheet of ice. Upon winter’s arrival, families across North America flood their backyards in hopes of creating a homemade ice rink—one that supplants all others because it’s uniquely yours. Woodloch, America’s number one family resort, employs hundreds of people, many of whom grew up dreaming about donning a Flyers sweater and lighting the lamp at the Wells Fargo Center. Conversely, many kids daydream about landing a quadruple jump at the Winter Olympics. Well, here at Woodloch, we bring the NHL and the Olympics right to you, in the form of an authentic Lake Teedyuskung ice rink and a synthetic, four-season facility.

Photo of Woodloch's Synthetic Rink, a Great Place for Ice Skating in PA.

Synthetic Ice Skating Glory

Thanks to our brilliantly-engineered EZ Glide 500, we have ice year-round at Woodloch. This 9,000-square-foot rink is a covered, semi-open facility that’s a marvelous place for your youngest ones to learn how to skate, shoot, pass, and, of course, score! For those that have “mastered” the art of ice skating, the memory of that first spill-free ice skating session is indelible—much like that first bike ride. Skate rentals start at $5. Although, we suggest guests bring your own blades to save a few bucks.

Skate Circles on Pristine Lake Teedyuskung

Once temperatures dip well before freezing, Lake Teedyuskung gradually transforms into a dreamlike figure skating destination. With the Pocono Mountains as your backdrop, your whole family can glide, spin, and stride on this 5,700-acre frozen pond. Once the lake boasts approximately five inches of ice (we’ll make that call), guests are free to lace up their skates and give Lake Teedyuskung a whirl. As you can imagine, snowfall often plays a role in this process. We meticulously shovel an ice rink-sized (and shaped) surface that plays host to countless skaters for the rest of the winter. Remember: No pucks—just blades.

As always, please keep in mind that some on-site activities and amenities may be affected by COVID-19. Both the lake’s ice rink and the indoor facility may or may not be open, depending on restrictions and seasonality. If that’s the case, trade your skates for a snow tube, snowshoes, or skis!

The Ultimate Family Resort in Pennsylvania

The all-inclusive experience at Woodloch includes all meals, spacious accommodations, nightly live entertainment, and countless daily activities, as noted in our Activity Sheet. Besides winter-based sports, on-site activities include batting cages, paintball, mini bowling, rock climbing, trivia, bingo, silent DJ parties, and so many more incredible, family-focused experiences. Woodloch’s sprawling campus includes so many indoor and outdoor adventures that you’ll naturally forget about work deadlines, social media, and at-home learning.

Please thoroughly read through the Woodloch Wellness Standard before booking directly. Surely, there’s a package that’s tailor-made for your wonderful family!

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