the International Work Program at Woodloch
International employees come from all over the world to work at Woodloch, one of the best all inclusive resorts around. They improve their English skills, get college credits, learn about our culture and teach us about theirs. Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Russia, Germany, Moldova, France and Romania are just a few of the countries that have participated in the International Work Program at Woodloch. Over 20 European and Mexican internationals are employed at Woodloch every summer and even a handful of students from South America during the winter time. Their visits range from four to seven months, and before they return home, Woodloch sponsors a trip to the country’s Capital or even Niagara Falls.

The international employees work primarily in the housekeeping, food and beverage, and landscaping departments.


  • Strong friendships are built and cultivated through the spirit of teamwork at Woodloch.
  • After coming to Woodloch, some international employees transfer to American universities to continue their education with their improved English skills.
  • International employees and interns are an essential part of the Woodloch family.

It’s hard for the year-round employees to say goodbye to their new friends at the end of the program. Some students come back year after year during school breaks. Many form strong friendships with year-round employees who in turn have traveled abroad to visit their international colleagues. Additionally, a number return each year to take on the same positions or even advance as supervisors!

Work in the Poconos

Romulo Junior, an international student from Brazil, worked at Woodloch for three consecutive winters and then decided to transfer to a school in New Jersey. He praises Woodloch, the program, and the people he met here:

“I traveled to Woodloch first in winter of 2007 during my school break. I spoke very little English and worked in the housekeeping department. I made a lot of friends during the three month work program so I decided to return the next year. Melissa Latsch, the international coordinator, was very helpful. Any problems we had with our house or communication we went right to Melissa, and she always did her best to help us.

Woodloch provided us with a house to live in and food to eat. We could also go swimming or even use the gym. At the end of my stay, Woodloch sponsored a trip to Washington D.C., and our tour bus stopped in Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York City. From the staff to the owners, everyone at Woodloch was patient, kind and very understanding. They were intrigued by my culture and I by theirs. I had a great time at Woodloch and improved my English enough to study in the U.S. After my third visit, I decided to transfer to a school in Sussex, New Jersey. I am very thankful to Woodloch for the great opportunities they have provided me with and for all the friends I have made. I know these people will be an important part of my life for years to come.”

To learn more about the Woodloch International Work Program visit the ‘Work With Us’ page.

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