It’s that glorious time of year again. It only lasts for a little over a month so indulge now.

It’s corned beef time. We’re serving it here at Woodloch every Tuesday night and Sunday afternoon on our Smorgasbord. We also serve our traditional cabbage, potatoes, and our baby carrots. Yum!

The thing about corned beef and cabbage is that you’re either in or out. Love it or hate it; embrace it or ignore it. For me, I can’t get enough. I make it for my family, my in-laws, my son’s friends and anyone who expresses to me that they will miss out on this lovely feast because they have no one to make it for them.

What’s not to love about this dinner? The completion of a flat cut or point corned beef, tiny red potatoes or white potatoes, Guinness or O’Douls. Oh the decisions! Every year I think, “why didn’t I take notes from last year?” This year I’ll just make several dinners over the month. Note to self: write down the pros and cons of each course.

Then you have the smells of all of this goodness warming every room in your house. I cook my corned beef in the largest pot I have in the house, occasionally turning it over. I even like the corned beef facials I get when I take the lid off the pot, and the steam comes rushing at me. The days before the meal my family and I anticipate dinner: hot corned beef, cabbage (some like it with a little vinegar), salted boiled potatoes, and carrots with a lot of butter. I like my carrots coined.

Let’s talk leftovers: sandwiches, corned beef hash, Shepherd’s pie – the possibilities are endless. I used to make my own Irish soda bread, but Woodloch’s is so good I buy it here and spend the extra time on dinner. Woodloch also features an Irish Cooking Class throughout the month of March – something that simply should not be missed!

If that wasn’t enough of something special, the night before Saint Patrick’s Day we get a visit from tricky leprechauns. I personally haven’t been able to spot them yet they leave their mark. There is magically delicious cereal on the counter (which only appear this time of year) and a hunt for a pot of gold. Those wee mischievous leprechauns may appear at other times of the day: in lunch boxes, at dinner, during shower time or even at bedtime. it’s a fun time for all.

If after reading this and you feel you are missing out I have a tip for you: our very own John Sloane has been throwing his traditional Saint Patrick’s Day party for years. After the green line seamlessly appears on the road from the water wheel (it used to be in front of Sloane’s house before he moved) and runs to the nightclub, the parade begins to assemble. There are different kinds of floats and plenty of characters riding on them.
girlfriend getaway, poconos golfYesterday for St. Paddy’s Day, the road was lined up with friends and family, staff and guests all eagerly waiting to join in the fun. When the parade ended at the Inn, the fun didn’t stop there. Sloane and his family throw a “Traditional Saint Patrick’s Day Party”. There were stories, Irish music, mischief, and a lot of malarkey.

If you’re in the mood to do a jig or two and bask in the luck of the Irish, John Sloane is the man to show you. You can find out more about our March Irish festivities by calling 1-800-WOODLOCH, and be sure to join us next St. Paddy’s Day!

Erin Go Bragh to you and your family!