A family vacation is a must, whether it’s during the sunny summer season or the winter wonderland that awaits in the colder months. When you’re beginning to plan your next family reunion, take a closer look at Woodloch Resort as the ultimate location for one of the best family vacations in PA. Here is why Woodloch makes for an enjoyable getaway where you’ll want to bring the entire family . . . and we mean the ENTIRE family!

Woodloch Can Fit Everyone

Size of the location does matter when you’re looking for a place that can hold up to a couple of hundred people, especially if you have a large family. You’ll want to ensure that you’ll be able to fit everyone comfortably while enjoying activities together. Our accommodations offer excellent options for large groups! While Woodoch Pines mainly features hotel-style rooms and suites, our additional properties have two to six-bedrooms vacation rentals to keep everyone in your group happy. Some of our largest vacation rentals can accommodate up to 20 adults in one house and are a great option for those wanting to spend extra time together. Whether you choose to stay in one of our vacation rentals or in our hotel-style rooms, you’re sure to enjoy every moment together.

Activities with the Family

Woodloch is renowned for their family-friendly atmosphere, and when it comes to reunion activities, there is never a shortage of things to do! With over 30 activities to choose from, your family will enjoy rousing games of Olympics, bake wars, scavenger hunts, and so much more when you go head-to-head with your family. We have all sorts of activities to bring out your competitive side, let you enjoy the scenic outdoors, or relax on our property. There is honestly so much to do here — you might even need to book another reunion for next year!


Join us in celebrating any occasion! Bring your friends and family, and enjoy the best family vacations in PA when make your reservation this winter season. No matter when you choose to book your reunion, we’ll be waiting for you lakeside at our beautiful Woodloch Resort.