Meal times at Woodloch are quite the sight to behold. In fact, the mere truth that we can serve over 600(!) guests in less than an hour is hard for even me, a 20 year Woodloch vet, to believe. But alas… it’s 100% true.

The kitchen team works hard all day long preparing the most wonderful, delicious meals including Roast Tenderloin of Beef, Herb Encrusted Jail Island Salmon over long grain rice, and a juicy, thick, center-cut bone-in pork chop.

With a day featuring a jam-packed menu of incredible activities, meals are an important time of day to not only refuel for your next endeavor, but to also spend a little bit of quality time with your family and friends! Upon arriving at our dining room, guests are greeted by the smiling faces of our dining room and social staff, as well as a few Kiesendahl family members (they always like to keep a close eye on things.)  Guests are then seated in assigned areas for the duration of their stay- and keeping in tradition, seniority in visits moves your table closer and closer to a beautiful lake view.

When your server arrives, they recite dining options for the meal, and field any questions you might have! Our kitchen serves your meals family-style, which means they will put enough food for your entire table for everyone to enjoy! Once orders are taken, servers head to the kitchen, where the real magic of the operation comes to life!

The greatest thing about the meals at Woodloch is that you can try everything we offer, all inclusive, and eat as much as you want!

“Efficiency” is the word you want to keep in mind when looking at our kitchen layout. With so many guests to serve, it is our hope to get your food to you as promptly and warmly as possible. Like a hive of honeybees, everything has its place, and everyone has their role to fill to keep traffic moving.

Our kitchen line is approximately 40 feet long, with designated locations along the line for serving specific entrées and side dishes. There is a designated kitchen employee assigned to serving each item. For example, during a typical dinner service, there are 10 staff members working.

  • One designated to serving the soup, appetizers and desserts.
  • Another to serve the vegetables.
  • One more to serve the potato option.
  • Still one more to server pasta while another puts the requested sauces on.
  • One to serve gravy and keep count of each and every table served.
  • One to serve the fish option while another serves the beef/pork option.
  • Another to work the entire kids menu.
  • AND a runner, whose job is to grab fresh trays of food when the others run out.

And there you have it; the complete assembly line behind Woodloch’s speedy dining service. Your friendly server weaves through the kitchen and speedily gets your meals to the table pronto- after all, hunger doesn’t take a vacation, and there’s always some sort of featured entertainment ready to take the stage!