Our hearts melted when we received this letter from a 10-year-old boy who stayed with us here at Woodloch recently. A perfect example of why Woodloch is one of the best all inclusive family vacations around!

Go Karts in the Pocono Mountains!

Every year, the amazing grandpa on my mother’s side pays for the entire family to go on vacation to a place called Woodloch Pines. He pays for sixteen children and fourteen adults. I don’t know what the exact cost is, but he’s very generous to pay for all of us. It’s the fourth year he has paid for it, and my family looks forward to it every year.

One of the best parts is that all of my cousins are there. We get our own private dining room with two very long tables in it. One is for the kids, and the other is for the adults. Everybody talks to each other. Then, everyone splits up to do a variety of scheduled activities. There are bingo nights, movies, The Amazing Race, the children Olympics (which my team won), Double Dare, the pool games, and many more exciting activities. Unfortunately with thirty people, we sometimes need to have three teams doing one event.

Swimming at an All Inclusive Family Resort

There are also go-carts, an indoor playground, two mini golf courses, two shuffle board and bachi ball courts, and three swimming pools. Luckily though, I’m allowed to roam around the grounds by myself or with cousins. It wouldn’t be fun at all if my parents had to escort me everywhere.

A few days before the vacation I always worry it’ll end to quickly. After all, it’s only five days. As the first few days passed, though, I realized that I do so many things each day that it felt like a month. I then realized that each day I only slept for eight hours, two hours less than usual.

Unluckily, it had to end. Everybody said their goodbyes and began the two hour long ride home. I felt very sad, but I became less sad when it came to me thinking that it was only a year until I went back to Woodloch Pines. I’m very lucky to have such a spectacular grandpa.


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