This was the year hula hoops and lasers were invented. The US launched the Explorer 1 Satellite, and the world population estimated at just 2.9 billion.  The first Pizza Hut opened in Kansas and Barbie made her debut in local toy stores. Last but certainly not least, it was in 1958 that Woodloch opened its doors to strangers… Those strangers became friends. Those friends kept coming back to Woodloch year after year. And now here we are, 60 years later … 60 years of warm hospitality and excellence.

It was 1944 when Mary Mould married Harry Kiesendahl. Growing up, Mary and her family vacationed off the shores of Lake Teedyuskung, located in Pennyslvania’s Pocono Mountains. Mary loved the area so much that she vowed to return often. Mary was then quickly consumed by the task of raising her children, John, Nancy and Steve.

One fine day, fate intervened. Harry saw a sale listing in the New York Times for a small resort on a private lake in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The small unidentified lake in the ad turned out to be Lake Teedyuskung. We know, unbelievable – but trust us, 100% true. Then in April 1958, Mary, her children and her parents moved to the Poconos resort, which they would now call home.


The original 12-acre Poconos resort included a main lodge, annex, two cottages, with a 200 foot lakefront, all of which accommodated a whopping 40 guests. Woodloch’s popularity grew, and by 1961, the Kiesendahl’s had doubled the size of the lakefront resort. By 1983, the resort had grown into 150 acres with almost a mile of shoreline and 135 rooms … big time stuff!

Woodloch Resort currently sprawls over 1200 acres, with a 3 mile shoreline, 152 rooms, 18 houses, and 4 timeshare lake houses, and can accommodate about 1,200 guests in total.

Since our earliest beginnings, we have remained committed to a number of traditions, but by far the most important one is the way we treat our guests … “it’s as if they are company in our own home” (our original mission).

This April we are celebrating 60 years with a “Diamond Anniversary” event as tribute to our longtime guests. An evening party with open bar, classic Woodloch games, and a special champagne toast with a video tribute will take place to reflect our rich history and humble beginnings.


“The real key to Woodloch Springs, the key to its heart, is the spirit of the residents in this community.” – John Kiesendahl, Owner & CEO, Woodloch Pines, Inc. We are celebrating 25 years since the grand opening of Woodloch Springs in 1992. This special place is just two miles down the road from the main resort with its very own culture.

“It’s so unique, people genuinely care about each other. The first 30-40 families that moved into Woodloch Springs—with just dirt roads and all — those were the ones who really laid the foundation of spirit here. They welcomed newcomers and taught them the culture and spirit … 25 years of spirit that has not diminished but has grown.” – John K

“First off, I would like to say ‘Congratulations’ to my dad for his amazing vision and for making this place. Also a ‘Congratulations and Thank You’ to the first pioneers who moved here. Thank you to everyone who bought into this community, not only financially, but personally with their hearts.
– Matt Kiesendahl, Director of Services at Woodloch Springs

Woodloch Springs serves as an 18-Championship golf course with a par-72. It’s challenging for sure! There are over 6,579 yards of fern-carpeted forest, lush wetlands and broad upland meadows.“Woodloch Springs is unlike any golf facility that I have ever visited or experienced. We are truly unique. We aren’t a competitive, hard nose golf club. We aren’t a social club. We are a good mix in between. I have never seen a community that comes together more in the good times and in the bad.” – John Pillar, Director of Golf.

Woodloch Springs is not only a golf course situated on over 600 private acres but an impeccable residential community. It has over 400 homes of varying sizes that can be purchased or rented by Woodloch Pines’ guests. “After 25 years we can look back and
say our persistence, our beliefs and our excellence have really paid off.” – Nick D’Andrea, Real Estate Consultant and Director of Sales