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~Shared by Robin R. McArdle

Robin recollects on her recent eagle watch on the Upper Delaware River

When I reached the Eagle Institute they told me eagles are very active on cold and sunny days. Perfect!!! It was sunny and 20 degrees. The staff at the Eagle Institute are so friendly and informative, they gave me a great map and told me where the best areas the eagles have been spotted that day.

I went over the Roebling Bridge (which is just past the eagle institute, and an interesting landmark in itself) and beared left onto Route 97 south.  A few miles down the road I spotted my first eagle perched in a tree. I tried to take a picture but alas, the shade of the tree made it way too dark. He perched for a while than swooped down in front of my car- it was amazing. I followed him down the road a bit, until he flew over the river and out of sight. They are truly magnificent birds.reunions, field trips

Continuing my expedition, I drove up Route 41 to Mongaup Falls where I converged with some other astute eagle watchers. They had a telescope which they graciously let me borrow, although I rarely needed it- they had an Eagle in plain sight that was even visible to the naked eye! (Speaking of eyes, did you know that an eagle’s eye is almost as big as a human eye? Their eyes also change color as they age, from very dark yellow to light blue…. just a little bit of information I learned on the way!)

So while you’re planning your trip to Woodloch Pines Resort, eagle watching can prove to be a very memorable and sublime experience.  The beautiful scenery along Route 97 alone is worth the extra half-hour trip!