My 2020 Woodloch Wedding

Miranda and her fiance Andrew were over the moon to be celebrating their wedding at Woodloch in May of 2020.

“Andrew and I were so excited for our big day at Woodloch,” says Miranda. “We’d been planning our big day for about 15 months at that point and were just 9 weeks away. Next thing we knew, the world was shutting down from the global pandemic.”

Like so many of us, there was much uncertainty with how long life as we knew it would be different. “We tried to continue forward with our May 16th wedding.” With the situation changing with government regulations at an almost daily rate, the situation was stressful.  “Eventually, Cara called us and notified us that we could no longer have our wedding as planned. We went through just about every emotion and had accepted that we’d likely be having a courthouse wedding.”
Luckily, certain regulations were eased just in the nick of time. “Cara called about a week later and said that the Resort was now able to make an exception and let us have our wedding there at the end of July.”
“We got back to replanning and our guest list dwindled with every passing day. We were working through final details again when the Governor dropped another restriction on us just 9 days before our new date. We either had to cut our guest list to 25 people, or find a way to have everything outside.”
“Andrew and I decided to have just our bridal party and parents in attendance. All we wanted was to be married. After the stress of the last two years, we wanted it all to be over.”
“By the time the ceremony began, none of that mattered. We ended up having the best day thanks to our families, friends, our incredible vendors and most importantly Cara and her team at Woodloch! Our intimate wedding was a day we’ll never forget with a story we’ll tell forever!”
Hair and Makeup: Utopia Salon & Spa