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~shared by J. Ranner

I’m a HUGE fan of classic rock. I don’t consider myself really to a music snob, but in my humble opinion music these days just can’t hold a candle to the “old time rock n’ roll” (the kind of music that soothes my soul.)

Anyways, as I was rocking out on my morning commute the other day to Thin Lizzy, I was reminded by the song:

“That jukebox in the corner blasting out my favorite song- the nights are getting warmer it won’t be long, it won’t be long til’ the SUMMER COMES…”

And it hit me. With less than one week to go until Memorial Day, summer is practically here! Kids all over America are counting down the school days left until they are free from the educational system for a few months. Flip flops, sundresses and long days in the hammock are on the horizon!

And in addition to all of the great things we mentioned earlier, there’s even MORE excitement on the way to Woodloch this summer! 


Get ready for:  

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Little Pocono Raceway’s Grand Opening – I feel the

need… the NEED FOR SPEED!  To keep up with demand and to diminish lines, Woodloch will be opening a second go-kart track next to our Nature Trail! 


Rice Krispie Wars – You’ve made it through our “Cupcake Battles” and “Take the Cake” competitions… it’s time to up the ante! For the summer of 2014, “kitchens” will be squaring off using those delicious marshmallow treats to sculpt delicious works of art!  Time and limited resources are your adversaries, but teamwork and creativity are your strongest allies! No idea is too crazy- bring your “A-Game” to the North Lodge bakery all summer long!  


Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.  Do you have what it takes to SURVIVE our games at the lake this summer?  No tribe does it alone- in your quest for the gold medal, teams will have to work together in six trials of speed, strength, endurance and wits! Catch it all summer long on the shores of Lake Teedyuskung!

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Big Bad Board Games– We’ve all experienced the fun of “game night” at home… but what if you could “supersize” them?  Check out our “Big Bad Board Games” on the Front Lawn to relive all the fun with that trademark Woodloch twist! 


80’s Blacklight Dance Party – Oh yeah, we’re going there!  Be sure to bring plenty of neon clothing with you for this special event!  Join our staff as we blast the best 80’s music around in our North Lodge and compete for prizes with great games in between! 


We’re primed for some serious fun in the sun… are you? Hope to see you this season!