New for Summer 2017 at Woodloch!

~shared by J. Ranner

We had an unseasonably warm day this past weekend, and I made a BOLD move: I cracked out the flip flops. And let me tell you, it was absolutely liberating.

Anytime I pop on my flops, head to my ice cream shop for a little soft serve, and blast The Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff through my Alpines, my mind immediately heads back to summer! Long days full of sunshine, warm nights full of stories and the chirping of crickets, and maybe even an embarrassing tan or two are close on the horizon, and we couldn’t be more excited!

One of the coolest things about working at Woodloch is the fact that while we are big on traditions, we do our very best to find new and interesting ways of bringing them to you. Every summer, our staff works quite hard to bring our guests an even better vacation experience than last time. While this is certainly challenging, we enjoy the thrill of it and are bursting at the seams to share just a few new games, events and more that are zooming your way for the summer of 2017!

So… what’s coming your way?

Rise and shine… it’s COFFEE time!

There was much exaltation from both guests AND staff when we announced that Woodloch would be offering a true coffee shop experience at our property- “GiGi’s Coffee Shop!” True coffee lovers will be thrilled with a brand new menu of caffeinated drinks including lattes, macchiato, cappuccinos, and more all made to order by our baristas! The bakery crew is pumped as well, as we will be offering some new pastry selections, specifically made for Gigi’s!

The shop will be open nice and early for “the morning people” among us, and even feature sandwiches, salads and wraps for those of us who like to sleep in.

The Escape Club

We’re going to lock you up here, and not let you out. How does that sound? Now that I think of it, I’m guessing that some of you wouldn’t mind being trapped here. I’ll rephrase.

Woodloch is hard at work at the moment to create our “escape room.” You’re going to be trapped in a haunted native burial ground, unless you and your team (8-10 players) are able to solve mysteries and gather clues that will help you escape. Rise to the challenge, work together and spring yourself free- fail to do so, and, well… let’s not talk about that.

Opening soon!

The Summer X-Games

Calling all the Tony Hawks and Shaun Whites of the world- your time of reckoning has arrived!

We’ve all watched daredevils push the limits on ESPN through the years, and I can only assume that some of us have been inspired to at least imagine being in their shoes. And some of us maybe even ended up chasing those dreams straight to the emergency room.

This year, Woodloch will be hosting their first X-Games on Monday mornings. In events that are friendly (and SAFE) for all ages, we’ll be getting “x-tremely” competitive with games like skateboard bowling, horizontal rock climbing, and Team Bungee Racing. Don’t forget your Power Bars and Red Bull.

We’ll have a BLOCK PARTY!

Mondays have always been famous for our summer cookouts followed by our carnival. We’re going to shake some things up on you this year- while our barbeque is still set in stone, we will be moving our carnival to the night time in the spirit of a good ol’ fashioned block party!

Enjoy great midway games as the sun sinks in the sky, and compete for golden tickets to snag up that Woodloch prize you’ve wanted all your life! As the night winds down, we’re going to invite everyone into our Nightclub for an incredible Billy Joel Tribute Show. What a perfect way to end a day!

And I’m going to let everyone in on another secret- we’re just getting started! There are many other announcements about new games, events and more heading your way. So please, stay tuned!!