~shared by J. Ranner


Time sort of crept up on me this year. The last thing I knew, I was sort of basking in what was a lovely slow-burn late summer and early fall and now all of the sudden, the Great Pumpkin has left the pumpkin patch for another year. We are going full throttle into the holidays AND a new year as well. That gives me just about 6 weeks to lose 15 pounds and hit my resolution goals.

Probably not going to happen.

Regardless, we here at the fabulous Woodloch Pines Family Resort are especially excited for the year 2018. Why, might you ask? That’s because this year is going to mark our 60th Anniversary… “The Diamond Anniversary,” to be precise! It’s hard to believe that we’ve filled six whole decades with so many smiles, laughs, hugs and good times. So to bring it all home, we’re going to ensure that 2018 is an exciting time not just for us, but for ALL of our guests as well!

A New Raceway

As a wise man once said, “life moves pretty fast.” In 2014, Woodloch sculpted a brand new sprawling family go cart track for guests to enjoy at the top of our nature trail. We are pleased to announce that for all of 2018, our younger guests will also be able to enjoy a brand new Junior track adjacent to our family track! It’s a perfect addition for the aspiring “Ricky Bobby’s” in your life!

Ice Capades

Have you ever felt the urge for a pick up game of ice hockey in July? The dream is now a reality with a revolutionary substance known as “EZ-Glide 350.” The next best option to a freshly “Zambonied” rink, guests will be able to skate to their hearts content in our outdoor covered venue- over 9,000 square feet! Figure skating, hockey and even Curling (it will catch on someday) will be waiting for you!

The Diamond Jubilee

Woodloch is celebrating a YUGE milestone in 2018 – sharing smiles for over 60 wonderful years! Our 2018 Broadway-style Theme Show will pay tribute to our “greatest hits!” Join us for a journey through time as our cast celebrates brand new numbers from “the best themes” in Woodloch history!

Another “Great Escape”

In 2017, Woodloch added our “Room 1313” Escape Room challenge to our amenities- and our guests simply couldn’t get enough of it! We are proud to announce that we are “making a sequel” – groups of 10 or less will test their wits in a race against time to “escape” from our brand new “OUTBREAK” escape room. Brush up on your science and technology courses- they are going to be critical to your success!


Woodloch is all ready to bring you new editions of your favorite games such as Winter Olympics, Scavenger Hunt, Bakery Wars, Double Dare and more! Stay tuned to us as summer approaches for even more exciting announcements!