The Top 15 State Parks in Pennsylvania

Families visit Woodloch from all over the globe. However, most reside in the Northeastern United States, namely Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, and Delaware. Because we’re within five to six hours from many of the nation’s largest cities, a lot of families travel the good old-fashioned way: road trip! Naturally, road trips include various breaks at wayside rest stops, grab-and-go eateries, unique boutiques, and, of course, natural attractions, including some of the prettiest state parks in Pennsylvania.

15 State Parks in Pennsylvania: From Ohiopyle to Promised Land

In hopes of enhancing your upcoming winter escape into the Pocono Mountains, we’ve compiled 15 of our favorite state parks in Pennsylvania. A large portion of these sprawling, undeniably picturesque natural wonders are within 90 minutes of Woodloch, including Promised Land, Hickory Run, and Lehigh Gorge. If you’re looking for a little pre- or post-vacay fun, we promise that these 15 green spaces will plant smiles on your children’s faces.

1. Hickory Run State Park

Location: White Haven, PA
Acres: 15,990
Defining features: Boulder Field (as pictured), Hawk Falls, Sand Spring Lake
Best trail: Shades of Death

2. Ricketts Glen State Park

Location: Benton, PA
Acres: 13,193
Defining features: Ricketts Glen Falls, Lake Jean, Grand View Fire Tower
Best trail: Ricketts Glen Falls Loop

3. Ohiopyle State Park

Location: Ohiopyle, PA
Acres: 20,500
Defining features: Ohiopyle Falls, Baughman Rock Overlook, Ferncliff Peninsula
Best trail: Laurel Highlands

4. Trough Creek State Park

Location: James Creek, PA
Acres: 541
Defining features: Balanced Rock, Great Trough Creek, Suspension Bridge
Best trail: Copperas and Balanced Rock Loop

Photo of the Kinzua Bridge, One of the Prettiest PA State Parks.5. Kinzua Bridge State Park

Location: Kane, PA
Acres: 339
Defining feature: Kinzua Bridge (as pictured)
Best trail: Kinzua Bridge

6. Lehigh Gorge State Park

Location: White Haven, PA
Acres: 6,107
Defining features: Lehigh Canal, Cave Falls
Best trail: Cave Falls and Ketchel’s Tooth

7. Hyner View State Park

Location: Hyner, PA 
Acres: 6
Defining feature: Hyner View Overlook
Best trail: Hyner View Overlook

8. Presque Isle State Park

Location: Erie, PA
Acres: 3,200
Defining features: Presque Isle Lighthouse, Presque Isle Beach, Tom Ridge Environmental Center
Best trail: Presque Isle Multi-Purpose

9. Cook Forest State Park

Location: Cooksburg, PA
Acres: 8,500
Defining features: Sawmill Center for the Arts, Historic Fire Tower #9, Seneca Point Overlook
Best trail: Forest Cathedral

10. Leonard Harrison State Park

Location: Wellsboro, PA
Acres: 585
Defining features: Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, Turkey Path’s waterfalls
Best trail: Turkey Path

Photo of Worlds End State Park's Canyon Vista, One of the Most Beautiful PA State Parks.11. Worlds End State Park

Location: Forksville, PA
Acres: 780
Defining features: Loyalsock State Forest, Loyalsock Canyon Vista (as pictured), 21-mile Nordic ski trail network
Best trail: Canyon Vista

12. French Creek State Park

Location: Elverson, PA
Acres: 7,730
Defining features: Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, Hopewell Fire Tower, Hopewell Lake
Best trail: Boone Trail Loop

13. Promised Land State Park

Location: Greentown, PA
Acres: 3,000
Defining features: Promised Land Lake, Masker Museum, Little Falls
Best trail: Little Falls

14. Raccoon Creek State Park

Location: Hookstown, PA
Acres: 7,572
Defining features: Raccoon Lake, Wildflower Reserve, Frankfort Mineral Springs
Best trail: Wildflower Reserve

15. Nockamixon State Park

Location: Quakertown, PA
Acres: 5,286
Defining features: Lake Nockamixon, Dam Falls, 10 miles of mountain bike trails
Best trail: Old Mill

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