What to Bring: Your Summer 2020 Packing List

We are happy to be back open for business, and we eagerly await your family’s next visit and the opportunity to share our famous hospitality with you.

The world has certainly changed just a bit in 2020, and so has our resort. Whether it is your first visit to our property or your 50th, things have changed just a little bit with some policies and safety protocols. You might have some questions as to what to expect- many of those answers are available here.

With things being just a little bit different this year, we thought we would take some of the frustration out of packing with a quick checklist as to what you should bring with you and what can be left home!


  • Flip flops and swim suits – no matter the season, we always have a pool open! Be sure to bring your suits in the offseason to enjoy our indoor pool, splash park and water slide!
  • Clothes you can layer – weather can change quickly. Be ready for it by packing lighter shirts as well as sweaters and hoodies. You can always unzip if you get heated from running around competing! Speaking of which…
  • Sneakers for athletic events – You’re about to visit a somewhat competitive resort- don’t be left disadvantaged! Lace up the Jordans and go for the gold. With great late night entertainment, you don’t want to be left on the sidelines because of improper footwear. Activities like our Climbing wall and Zipline require close-toed shoes.
  • Coolers – maybe you’ve brought some snacks with you in the care, or have items you need to keep cool. At this time, we are not storing or handling luggage so there’s a possibility it might have to remain in your vehicle. Please be prepared for this if this is applicable to you.
  • Camera, memory cards and BATTERIES – you’re going to be making a LOT of great memories here- don’t forget to capture it all. Bring your cameras, battery chargers, extra batteries and extra memory cards to capture the action (our staff is on the scene as well- check out our photo gallery at WoodlochMemories.com.)
  • A change of nice clothing– we’re smart casual in our dining rooms at dinner, but a good family photo in front of a Teedyuskung sunset is something you’ll treasure forever. Bring at least one spiffy outfit and take advantage of it.
  • Golf Gear – We got ourselves a pretty darn good golf course down the road- don’t regret missing out on it! Pack appropriate gear and shoes and make our tee time in advance of your stay.
  • Facemasks – Our guests are still required to wear facemasks as Pennsylvania transitions into the yellow and green phase when you are in contact with non-family members. Please be sure to have yours on the ready!
  • Fishing poles / licenses – there’s a beautiful lake filled with fish, but we’ve got to follow the rules of Nature and Pennsylvania. Fishers over the age of 16 require a license (available here) but don’t forget your nets, poles and tackle boxes. (We’ve got nightcrawlers on location as well!)
  • CHECK “THE EDGE”– We’re going to give you just a little heads up for our games… and “edge,” if you will. Be sure to visit WoodochEdge.com BEFORE your visit for hints on games like “Name That Tune,” “Woodloch Goes to the Movies” and of course, our infamous Scavenger Hunt. The hints will be VALUABLE!
  • Plus… maybe leave a little room in your bags for souvenirs (we’ve got an awesome gift shop so you can snag stuff for friends back home) and delicious BAKERY items that you might want to bring home!


  • Towels – we’ve got thousands of fresh dry towels at all of our pools and beach area. Save the space in the car and leave them at home.
  • Life Jackets – you might want to do some boating, and we’ve got plenty of life vests to go round. Our staff will be cleaning them in between uses thoroughly for your safety.
  • Athletic Equipment – We have all sorts of sporting goods on hand to lend out right at our new Activities Center. You can rent all sorts of games and enjoy them at your own leisure at select spots on our property:
    • Kan Jam (a frisbee game)
    • Bag-O (a bean bag toss game)
    • Hook & Ladder
    • Basketballs, volleyballs, wiffleball sets, kickballs
    • Frisbee
    • Spike Ball (trampoline ball game)
    • Horseshoes (we have pits)

More information on changes at Woodloch can be found on right here.

We will update this page as the situation evolves and improves! Safe travels to all!