Sometimes guests of Woodloch Pines Resort are totally unaware of what lurks in the shadows, or, as in most cases, right out in the open in the bright bright sun that only the Pocono Mountains can deliver. 

You’re taking part in the Waterslide Contest, you get a good start, and right as you’re about to hit the water with your best “I’m about to be a fish” face, it happens.  SNAP.

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You’re chowing down face-deep in the “Find the Jellybean in the Cupcake” portion of Double Dare when you come up for air, and it happens.  SNAP.

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And speaking of cupcakes, your team just captured the gold in Cupcake Wars.  You find yourself resisting the urge to shove your confectionary masterpiece into sissy’s face for a laugh as you pose, waiting for it to happen.  SNAP!

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Every day amateur and professional photographers roam around ready to capture those magical moments that make Woodloch Pines so special.  They’ve got you covered even if you forgot your camera or were unable to bring it with you because, let’s face it, something called Pool Games probably does not bode well for any electronic devices.  They are ready to freeze that moment in time; the smile as you see your child enjoying the go carts or Woodloch Forest; the laughter as you witness Grandpa turned into a human taco; and the pride as you and your loved ones hold up that gleaming gold Woodloch medal after beating out everyone else.

These photos can be purchased even after you leave Woodloch.  They are always available at The Edge via  So if you want to cherish that Pocono Mountains experience forever, don’t forget to smile when you hear that snap!

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P.S. Cupcake beards are a must at Woodloch. ;-)