Planning a family Getaway in Pennsylvania

Months into quarantine, you are likely still cooped up with your families wondering when your next vacation may be. And with trips abroad out of the question, a family getaway to Pennsylvania could be an ideal alternative. The good news is that Woodloch, the best family resort in the Pocono Mountains, is back to serving visitors once again, allowing them to soak in the beauty of nature and the wilderness at the mountains. It’s a great place for families to participate in good old fashioned (socially distanced) fun, while breathing in some fresh air.

Allow us to walk you through planning this family getaway in Pennsylvania.

Getting your finances in check

Costs As a family, one reason you may put off a vacation or getaway is because of your finances. For example, Budget Your Trip states that traveling to Philadelphia, which is about a two hour drive from the Poconos, is pegged at a daily price of $136 per person. A one-week vacation may be around $1,901 for two people, but the price per person can decrease if you are traveling as a family. No matter where families are going in the state they need to look out for deals that will save them money. This is why those who come to Woodloch can take advantage of our Kids 6 and Under free deal. Yet even when trying to budget many families are wisely factoring their safety into their finances.

Insurance Cheryl Golden of InsureMyTrip says that one thing that people are prioritizing when traveling these days is travel insurance, and this is where the added costs come in. The firm foresees that 25 to 30% of travelers will purchase travel insurance from now on for a sense of security. In these times it is highly recommended that you invest in insurance to be on the safe side. Yet, there is no question that this figure can be quite steep, which is something to be factored into your travel fund.

Tips on how to finance your getaway

With the increased airfares and added insurance many people may not have the cash in hand to afford a family getaway. One way to fund your getaway is to opt for a loan as this will help you cover the fluctuating costs. This can be especially helpful if you have been watching your finances but still want to take the family on a weekend away. A guide to personal loans by Marcus outlines how there are specific packages aimed at those saving for a vacation. You can use this type of loan to cover the most costly expenses such as travel insurance and hotel rooms. This allows you to pay over an extended period of time, so you can afford to take a trip and are not constantly worrying about finances to the detriment of your enjoyment. While it may be tempting (and easier) to put everything on your credit card, it is not advised as you may end up with an enormous unexpected debt when you get home.

Finding a balance in activities

When budgeting for your family getaway, it is also necessary to consider your daily activities and excursions. You can allow yourselves some excitement in choosing these, as they can get you pumped for your much needed escape. Travel tips from experts interviewed by HuffPost include finding the balance between being prepared but realistic. If you choose to visit us, there are tons of activities awaiting you at the Poconos resort, but you should not feel pressured to tick off all of them. After all, this getaway is also a chance for you to relax.

Have a good look at the offerings we have – perhaps you can do some golf for dad, the spa for mom, wine tasting for both parents, art classes for the kids, and fishing for the whole family. Choosing activities that will make everyone happy will make it easier for you to write your rough itinerary. This way, you can also prioritize which activities and amenities you are willing to spend on, and this will then be added to your overall travel fund.

Adjusting to new concerns

Although travel may look a lot different compared to what it used to be, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t doable. The bottom line in planning a family getaway is to get everyone involved in order to open lines of communication. As previously mentioned, the demand for travel insurance is high right now, giving potential travelers peace of mind. Advice from Condé Nast Traveler emphasizes making sure that you do what you can to make everyone comfortable. Just know that we are taking COVID-19 very seriously for your safety.

Planning a family vacation is no easy feat, but with strategic steps, compromise, clear communication, and a dash of anticipation and excitement, you will see your getaway come to fruition in no time. Now, there’s no excuse to shelve your family getaway for the distant future. Make those memories happen as soon as you can – and let the Pocono Mountain be the backdrop for this to happen.