Pocono Adventures: 15 Things You May Not Know about Woodloch

Woodloch Resort, USA Today’s number one family getaway, is beloved for its family-centered programming, countless homegrown activities, first-class hospitality, and sprawling acreage. By now, you might think that you know everything about our award-winning Pocono Mountain resorts. But truth be told, we offer so many unique experiences and classic Pocono adventures that it takes a small town to run this lakeside haven. Our friendly talented staff just about equals the size of Hawley, PA, itself. During peak seasons, we employ over 1,300 Pennsylvanians. As you can imagine, A LOT is going on inside our sizable yet homey natural multiplex.

15 Things That You May Not Know about Woodloch

One of Woodloch Resort’s main draws, aside from six-plus decades of excellence, is the fact that the entire package is bundled at one all-inclusive price. Many of our guests reside in some of the largest cities in North America. The fact that a Manhattan family can simply pack the car, hit the open road, and roll into Hawley without having to plan for more than 10 or 15 minutes is a serious perk. And, as you’ll see below, most classic Pocono adventures on or near Lake Teedyuskung cater to families of all ages. Without further ado, here are 15 distinctive features that you likely didn’t know about Woodloch Resort. Enjoy!

  1. Woodloch Springs Country Club remains one of the top-rated golf courses near New York City.
  2. We’re closer than you think. The resort is less than two hours from Manhattan, Newark, Allentown, and Scranton.
  3. You can save bundles by purchasing a seasonal package. And it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on our rotating specials.
  4. Our live music, magic, and comedy is second to none, but did you know that Woodloch’s Theme Show dates all the way back to 1967?
  5. What started as a lodge, an annex, and two cottages that accommodated 40 people has expanded into a 1,200-acre, 1,000-guest complex.
  6. Thanks to those 1,200 acres, Woodloch can host a wide variety of gatherings including but not limited to weddings, reunions, and corporate retreats.
  7. Boomer the Bear, Woodloch’s mascot, a lovable, cuddly bear character, is named after a boomerang because, like our guests, a boomerang keeps coming back.
  8. Winter is the best season for family fun. That’s right, we said it. Who doesn’t love skiing, tubing, snowshoeing, Lake Teedyuskung ice skating, fewer crowds, and deep savings?
  9. We cater to ALL ages. From the toddler room to bingo and cooking demonstrations, every family member will return home with a giant smile on their face.
  10. The newest addition to our programming, Woodloch at Home, is a treat that your family didn’t know it needed.
  11. Gigi’s Coffee House crafts some of the tastiest early-morning brews in the state.
  12. The Lodge at Woodloch is one of the first and only places to offer forest bathing, a rising American trend that perfectly suits 2020.
  13. Upon return home, guests can easily access the Woodloch Photo Store to purchase shots from their vacation taken by our social staff.
  14. Naturally, we host groups of girl and boy scouts.
  15. Ready, aim, fire: Take full advantage of our shooting barn, trap shoot, paintball fields, archery range, and archery tag during your long-awaited escape from New York City.

Pocono Adventures During Summer’s Radiance

Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start planning that well-deserved extended break from the city. The recent global and national crisis has forced Woodloch to shutter its doors for the first time in over six decades. However, we’re on the cusp (cross your fingers) of our reopening date: June 5, 2020. For now, keep watching and participating in Woodloch at Home. And remember to take advantage of our ongoing specials, which can help save hundreds of dollars on an upcoming stay. To browse through our various indoor and outdoor Pocono adventures, please visit us online.