Poconos Antique Shopping near Hawley, Pennsylvania

Woodloch Resort offers the ideal combination of outdoor adventure, luxurious accommodations, and unfettered access to several nearby attractions, landmarks, and recreational areas for those seeking a rustic escape to the Poconos Mountains. Given the state’s rich history, one of the more fascinating and perhaps underappreciated things to do in our neck of the woods is browsing the local Poconos antique stores. If you love the smell of aging leather, appreciate relics of a bygone era, or find yourself collecting things that others may classify as “junk,” we have a quick guide to some of the best Poconos antiques in the area that you’ll undoubtedly appreciate.

The Best Poconos Antique Shops near Woodloch Resort

During your Poconos getaway, you’ll be amazed at how many interesting and eclectic antiques you’ll find at the nearby stores and outlets. Whether it’s clothing, furniture, or knick-knacks, there’s a Poconos antique shop for you! You never know what sort of treasures you’ll unearth when traveling near Woodloch.

Hawley Antique Exchange is often regarded as one of the best Poconos antique outlets in the region. You’ll find many hard-to-find items such as old signs, vintage clothing, and other mementos. Arguably the most noteworthy aspect found at the HAE is their otherworldly collection of old-time Vaseline glass containers.

Miss Elly’s Antiques & Such is a must stop for any antique enthusiast. Spiralizing in classic homewares, furniture, and collectibles, Miss Elly’s antiques are a genuine passion. The highly knowledgeable staff and priceless items have gone a long way in developing a wide fanbase.

Time Machine Antiques offers visitors the chance to step back in time for a trip through the days past. Home to several antique experts, this consortium of dealers adds new items daily. You can kill some time or find a keepsake by browsing their astonishing assortment of furniture, holiday decor, jewelry, sporting accessories, and fishing tackle. Time Machine is an excellent place to find that missing decoration for your cabin or cottage fireplace.

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Woodloch Spring

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a quintessential mountain retreat at one of the nation’s premier family getaway destinations via Woodloch Resort. Whether you’re looking for a souvenir or simply like to browse, there are plenty of Poconos antiques to consider. No matter your choice, we’ll do everything we can to ensure you have a comfortable place that feels like home. To learn more about the area and our accommodations, please continue to browse our website or call 800-966-3562.

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