Plan a Summer-Themed Poconos Birthday Getaway

Many of the most indelible memories of our childhoods took place during summer’s resplendent radiance. Adults often gush and reminisce of vivid flora in full bloom, crystal-clear azure lake water, swaying willow trees, and aging fishing docks. Friendships are born. Fears are conquered. New skills are learned. We grew, without even realizing it was happening. Summer is also a time for family bonding, oftentimes at a lakeside resort, where the soft banks are littered with sleepy sunbathers, patient anglers, jovial swimmers, and eager paddlers. Could a more exemplary destination exist? We couldn’t think of a more suitable location for a well-deserved Poconos birthday getaway than right here at Woodloch, the number one family resort in the U.S., according to USA Today.

A Modern Poconos Birthday Getaway

Yes, COVID-19 forced our small village to close for the first time in several decades. But our Wellness Standard (as well as thousands of hours geared toward strategic enhancements) has led to a rebirth of sorts. Rethinking the entire operation has allowed us to enhance certain aspects of the experience, add new activities, and focus on our most beloved amenities. Rest assured, we’re more than equipped to host a long-awaited Poconos birthday getaway for the luckiest ones in your lives

Birthday-Friendly Activities

The whole gang can partake in cake wars. After all, what’s a birthday party without a cake? Strive to win a gold medal during the Summer Olympics. Dance to a silent DJ, munch on popcorn during movie night, embark on a scavenger hunt, swing for the fences in the batting cage, and enlist in a trivia competition, such as Jeopardy or Name That Tune. Whether you aim to plan a small get-together with the immediate family or an extra-large milestone Poconos birthday getaway, Woodloch’s team is here to assist you.

1,500 Acres of Exploratory Potential

Photo of Two Boys on a Boat During a Poconos Birthday Getaway.

When the Kiesendahl family originally purchased this award-winning Poconos resort, it spanned approximately 12 acres. Not bad at all. Plenty of space to have a catch, go for a swim, and nap under the sun. Fast forward to 2020, Woodloch owns 1,500 acres of glorious Pocono Mountain wilderness, including the most desirable real estate along Lake Teedyuskung, a world-class golf course, and dense forestry that sprawls for days. The birthday gang can hop aboard a boat tour, play 18 holes of golf, try birdwatching, roll through the woods on a segway tour, start a photography contest, or paddle along the lake’s edge. While your meticulously-planned Poconos birthday getaway doesn’t have to feature elements of spontaneity, sometimes it’s fun to see where the Mountains take you!

Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Mealtime will always be an integral part of the Woodloch experience. Thus, we’ve taken measures to distance tables in a way that allows our famous family-style legacy to continue. The family-style dining experience provokes giggles, smirks, and brow-raising noises of delight that don’t quite sound natural, but you know that they translate to “yum.” Special meal arrangements for the birthday party can be arranged with prior notice. Otherwise, sit back and embrace the connectivity and togetherness gained in this distinct ambiance.

To learn more about our money-saving, all-inclusive Poconos vacation packages, please visit us online at If you wish to speak with a member of our team about birthday getaway ideas, lodging, or amenities, you can always call us at 800-966-3562.

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