Melding with Nature | Forest Bathing in the Poconos

Spending time with nature to improve wellness is no new concept. Listening to the wind blowing through treetops as birds sing amid an earthy aroma taken in with each breath is just one example of how the forest can provide comfort. Mother Nature has a way of mitigating stress to allow clarity, mindfulness and to revitalize our energy. In the early 1980s, the Japanese government created a term known as shinrin-yoku, which roughly translates to “forest bathing,” to bring serenity to an overworked, urban-dwelling populace. Now, you won’t need your swimsuit for this dendrolic endeavor, only a desire to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings, thus allowing your senses to fall into the sights and sounds of your environment. Thankfully, The Lodge at Woodloch can provide the perfect setting to practice this increasingly popular activity. 

What is Forest Bathing?

Current research has proven what we’ve known all along—spending time with nature is good for you! Although the word forest is at the forefront of its name, forest bathing doesn’t necessarily require you to head to the woods. You can practice it at the park, a scenic trail, or any other natural setting. The most critical aspect of forest bathing is connecting with the world while bathing your senses in its many offerings. But still, forests do provide the ideal atmosphere for such a practice because of the many contributing elements you’ll experience there. From a chorus of songbirds to the many shades of green, the forest generously lends itself to rejuvenation. It’s important to note that forest bathing isn’t exercising. It is simply the practice of being with nature by opening your senses and bridging the gap between you and your immediate surroundings. 

Guided Forest Bathing in the Pocono Mountains

The most important aspect of a Poconos getaway is precisely that—getting away from everything. Available on select Saturdays starting in mid-April, Woodloch resort will offer guided forest bathing sessions that will deliver immediate benefits. While making your way through a densely wooded landscape, you’ll receive a brief introduction to the philosophy behind this Japanese tradition that’s making waves in wellness communities all across the nation. The only rule is that you leave your devices behind as you spend time assessing lush flora, listening to the cracking twigs beneath you, and letting go of life’s trials and tribulations. 

A Poconos Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania

A relaxed visitor soaks in a hot tub surrounded by a dense forest.Considering that over 80 percent of the United States’ population lives in urban areas, it’s no surprise that forest bathing is catching on rapidly. The day-to-day stresses of city life can sometimes be overwhelming, but even those of us residing in rural areas can gain countless benefits from living in the moment amid the dirt and trees. So whether you are already a self-proclaimed treehugger or are simply looking to branch out into new ways to get outside, Woodloch Resort is here to show you the way. For more information or to make a reservation, please contact us online or call 800-966-3562.

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