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One of the first years I actually consciously remember was 1995. Although the year of course featured the world debut of Buzz Lightyear and Cal Ripken Jr. smashing a baseball record, my best memories from that year all stem from the wonderful MUSIC that had been released. This was the first year in my life in which I actually grew an appreciation for the art. Yes, I went “chasing waterfalls” with TLC, only wanted to be with Hootie and the Blowfish, and became a complete “basket case” for Green Day. This was the year that propelled me to being a true music lover.

Over my 14 year tenure at Woodloch, I’ve met many guests who share my passion. The great thing about our resort is that you can put your musical appreciation and palattes to the test in one of our featured “Name That Tune” competetions. In this game, we span many different generations and genres of music to see which team has the best musical chops. Though I could NEVER share any inside information to help your team get a leg up in the contest, I thought I would recommend some resources and helpful techniques for you to get yourself ready:

1. Online Music Services– many of these are free, and offer you a great opportunity to broaden your listening horizon. Recently, a free program called Spotify seems to have taken the web by storm. With limited commercial interruptions, you can listen to literally hundreds of thousands of tracks on demand. Alternatively, internet radio stations like Pandora not only offer free streaming music but can also adjust your playlists based on your personal tastes. And like all great things in life, there’s a mobile app for your iPhones, Blackberries, cherries, grapes and etc. I find both of these sites very good at helping you connect what you hear with a name/band.

2. Publications– although newspapers and magazines are becoming less and less commonplace in this wonderful digital age, they can still keep you up to beat with what’s hot and trendy in the music industry.  Publications like SPIN and Rolling Stone are great for stories, but Billboard Magazine gives a statistical rundown on the country’s hottest tracks.

3. Quiz Websites– in my opinion, this is the best way to get yourself ready. Namely, a gaming site named Sporcle features quizzes that will test your mental reflexes and condition you to be able to name that tune in a matter of seconds. There’s a great variety here so I encourage you to practice, practice, practice!

4. Friends– and last but not least, when assembling your team, choose wisely and don’t underestimate people. Play to everyone’s strengths. For instance, while I love classic rock and alternative music, I am completely in the dark on many of todays pop hits. That’s where having a teammate like my 13 year-old-sister would come in handy. A good diverse team is usually a strong one!

And that’s all the tips I’m willing to share with you. Of course, you can always visit THE EDGE for a chance to win hints at the games. So please study up, come on back, and play some “Name That Tune” with us. And impress us with what you’ve learned!


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