Three Simple Ways to a Kickin’ Poconos Ski and Stay Vacation

I hear griping all the time from people all around me “I hate winter” or “you can keep the snow” blah blah blah.  It’s pretty clear to me that these people just don’t understand winter and they’re certainly not using it to their advantage.  If YOU are one of those people, watch this video… it’ll change your life.   

In the Pocono Mountains, we’re supposed to have snow!  It’s a good thing we do too, because we know how to have fun with snow.  So, let’s hike up our snow pants and hit the slopes!

Woodloch is a proud partner of one of the best ski mountains in the northeast.  No, it’s not the biggest, nor the fastest, but it has the best hospitality,and it’s where skiers have the most fun! (See why we make such good friends?  I’m noticing a trend.) Ski-Big Bear is like a hidden gem, during the mid-weeks this sleepy hillside can feel like your own personal ski mountain.  If you’re a beginner, there is no better place to learn in the Northeast, because everyone at Ski-Big Bear loves skiing and they love to share this beautiful sport with others.  

Our partnership benefits our guests!  

  • 15% savings on lift tickets anytime (excluding holidays), who doesn’t like to save a little cash?
  • Woodloch’s Ski & Stay midweeks feature FREE SKIING for the whole family AND kids stay, play, and eat free.  If it’s free it’s for me!
  • With the SKIHAUS promo code, you can save 15% in a vacation rental at Woodloch
  • We have really cool co-branded lift tickets!  I mean, how cool is that?
  • Woodloch guests get the VIP treatment at Ski-Big Bear, because you’re awesome.

So what are the steps?