Woodloch: The Ultimate Poconos “Summer Camp”

Finding the ultimate Poconos summer camp, complete with bonfires, nature hikes, seemingly countless hours in the lake, and budding friendships, has never been easier. Enter Woodloch, the top-rated family resort in North America. While Woodloch is widely beloved for its family-focused, homegrown programming, guests also enjoy our sprawling, 1,200-acre lakeside setting as a place to laugh, learn, grow, and bond.

A Unique Poconos Summer Camp: What’s the Occasion?

Woodloch isn’t a typical Poconos summer camp that pulls adolescents from their families for a couple of weeks. At its core, our four-season respite helps foster family bonding in a variety of ways, including team-building activities, family-style dining, and after-dark entertainment. That being said, Woodloch wears many hats. We also cater to groups of all shapes and sizes from Manhattan to Philadelphia and Allentown. So, what’s the occasion? We’ve hosted a wide-ranging variety of uniquely-designed Poconos summer camps, including Girl and Boy Scout trips, multi-family gatherings, church groups, team banquets, homeschool trips, STEM-centered outings, and some of the best birthday parties imaginable.

A Bevy of Classic Camp Activities

Photo a Kayakers on Lake Teedyuskung, Home to the Finest Poconos Summer Camp.As one of the top-reviewed overnight summer camps in Pennsylvania, we’ve meticulously curated dozens of homegrown activities that are meant to look and feel like classic camp-like activities. After all, the landscape that hugs Lake Teedyuskung was once home to multiple Poconos summer camps, including a horseback outpost and a weight-loss retreat. Naturally, this private, 15-acre lake, as well as the surrounding forestry, procures thoughts of the good old days where kids would come of age amid Mother Nature’s embrace.

Thankfully, Woodloch is as customizable as any other Poconos summer camp. Not only can children water ski, swim, row, paddle, and sail atop this serene lake, but the shoreline is where much of the magic happens, including the crowd-pleasing Summer Olympic games, speedy go-cart races, and countless craft-related workshops. Much like most summer camps near NYC, the kids can also hike in the surrounding wilderness, play over a dozen unique sports as we;; as brain-teasing games, and learn new skills.

All-Inclusive Summer Resorts in Pennsylvania

Start planning a “unique-to-you” summer camp getaway at Woodloch, and give us a call at 800-453-8263 (option #2). Our team can answer any potential questions, help piece together a sample itinerary, and pair the group with accommodations that suit your size, style, and budget. As always, our all-inclusive Poconos vacation packages allow families, groups, teams, and Troops to potentially save hundreds by bundling. Browse through our packages at Woodloch.com.

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