Plan a Poconos Winter Getaway with Woodloch

One of the Poconos Mountains’ most noteworthy qualities is their status as a premier vacation spot no matter the time of year. Waiting to excite you are sprawling foothills leading to snow-covered vistas in a magical wonderland teeming with endless possibilities. There’s certainly something to be said about the crunch of fresh powder beneath your boots or the crackle of hardwoods in the fire, and Woodloch Resort welcomes you to embrace the Poconos winter with us. The time to bundle up with scarves, thermal socks, and parkas is now, so we’d like to share some fun things to do in the Poconos this winter. 

Poconos Winter Retreat: Where Relaxation and Recreation Meet

The surplus of serenity one will find is quite possibly the best part about a Poconos winter. Although our area maintains a healthy level of activity, you’ll notice there are simply fewer people in this neck of the woods during the coldest part of the year. So, we’re confident that you’ll find a great deal of joy in being the first person to traverse a hiking trail or explore a park after a recent snowfall. To help sift through the seemingly endless things to do in the Poconos before spring comes, we put together some ways to spend your Poconos winter getaway at Woodloch Resort.

Things to Do in the Poconos This Winter

Woodloch Resort delivers unfettered access to some of the most quintessential Poconos winter activities. For years, Woodloch has been the preferred winter resort for families hoping to have some fun during the colder months, and we’d like to share why. Here are a few winter activities you can enjoy with us:

  • Snow tubing with the aid of our snow-guns will make you feel like you’re defying gravity without the need to deal with skiing equipment.
  • The Indoor Splash Zone is a great place for those who can’t wait until summer to go swimming.
  • Ice skating on our private lake or four-season ice rink is something every winter sports enthusiast should try.
  • Hockey is another fun winter sport to try here. 
  • Go-carts are available throughout the year, weather permitting. It’s not every day you get to drive a go-cart in the winter!
  • Bumper cars are a great alternative to go-carts if the weather isn’t cooperating. Heck, even if it is, you should give them a try!
  • Hiking the nature trail is just as rewarding in winter as it during the warmer seasons.
  • Indoor games are perfect for when you’re tuckered out from all the excitement of the outdoors.
  • Bar games are proof that family resorts aren’t just for the kids. Have some after-hours fun while making lasting memories and new friends.
  • The Winter Olympics at Woodloch gives you a chance to show off your athleticism or at least watch from the sidelines. There’s no “cooler” event in the Poconos.

Poconos Mountains Rentals and Family Resort in Pennsylvania

A mid-depth shot of the Woodloch welcome sign with an American flag hoisted at an angle.A Poconos winter getaway is an excellent way to mitigate cabin fever and pump some excitement into your life before spring and summer arrive. From timeless wintertime fun to scenic beauty at every turn, a winter escape could be the easiest decision you make all season. For more information on reservations, please click on the ‘Book Now’ tab on our website’s top right side.

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