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~Shared by J. Ranner

Perhaps the best thing about being a child is the fact that your life and career goals are wide open. You can literally be ANYTHING! Your imagination leads you to believe that being a princess or a Jedi knight aren’t fantasies but career options (I, for one, longed to be Batman). Then somewhere along the line reality sets in, and most of us give up on these occupational dreams, which is a bummer. 

Yet this cloud of reality has a silver lining, and it can be found right here in Hawley. At Woodloch Pines Resort, it’s perfectly acceptable (and some might say encouraged) to revert to your inner eight-year-old. Woodloch’s newest activity, our Paintball Adventures, appeals to the soldier, cowboys, and cops and robbers within all of us! 

Though we have offered target shooting with paintball guns for years at our Shooting Barn, 2012 marks the first time that we will be offering outdoor competitive play. Situated amidst a scenic Pocono backdrop on our upper athletic field are obstacles that provide plenty of cover against enemy fire, yet a team needs to aggressively advance if they have any desire to win one of our three types of games.

  • In our SPEEDBALL competition, your team starts at one end of our field and your opponents begin at the opposite. Players must attempt to cross to the opposing team’s base without getting shot.
  • The classic CAPTURE THE FLAG event has players infiltrating enemy territory to secure their flag, and bring it back across the line to your home base.
  • And last but not least, SURVIVOR (or ELIMINATION) is an all-out battle until the end. The last player standing takes the win for their team!

All games will be arranged so that players of different sizes, strengths and athletic abilities can play competitively!

Beginning Memorial Day Weekend, this event will be offered as both a tournament for the coveted Woodloch gold medal, or as a private competition for an additional fee. This newest adventure has been something guests have been asking about for years, and we are just as excited as you are to finally be able to offer this! Behind all of the adrenaline-fueled fun are elements of teamwork, strategy and communication, which also makes this activity a great team-building opportunity

So get your G.I. Joe collection out of storage, dust off your old cowboy hat, and throw on your ghillie suit because The Great Battle of Hawley will be lasting all summer long!