An Unforgettable Class Trip to Woodloch

Woodloch Resort on Lake Teedyuskung in the breathtaking Pocono Mountains is proud to host year-round class trips. Although many elementary, middle, and high schools offer occasional class trips, some students never have the privilege. We believe class trips are an essential educational bonding experience for everyone involved. At Woodloch, kids will learn to design and build as well as improve teamwork and social skills. No other resorts in PA can match our dedicated staff, never-ending activities, and luxurious amenities. We customize every class trip to fit the needs of each specific group of gifted individuals. The kids will always be thinking, active, and entertained at Woodloch!

Design Thinking

Treat your students to a friendly – and delicious – competition of Cupcake Wars. Let their imaginations run wild as they design a batch of tasty cupcakes. Each group will have access to sprinkles, icing, assorted goodies, and a pesky secret ingredient. The students can also learn hands-on insider cooking knowledge by enrolling in an educational cooking class. It wouldn’t be a class trip without a jewelry workshop in Boomer’s Kids’ Club Room. Each student can also take home their creative design!

High-Order Thinking Skills

The Boat Building Challenge is one of our beloved team-building activities. Each team has 45 minutes to design, build, and sail a watercraft. The teams will be judged on creativity, design, enthusiasm, speed, and buoyancy. Woodloch Resort has a customizable Marketing Challenge where each team “purchases” a failing business then the students must market a new product using a unique commercial campaign.

Cooperative Learning

Enroll the students in the Summer Olympics (or the Winter Olympics), our massive, signature, head-to-head competition. The kids will participate in a series of physical challenges such as frisbee, hurdles, volleyball, and soccer. Challenge your teams on the Low Ropes Course, a cooperative, two-session exercise ropes event. The Scavenger Hunt, a guest favorite, will test each student’s mind and spirit with a series of riddles, puzzles, and athletic obstacles. The Amazing Race is a mentally and physically challenging event for older students. The race utilizes over 135 acres of land as teams battle to various checkpoints.

Environment and Social Bonding

Learn about the surrounding beauty of the Poconos with nature walks through our massive campus. With over 1,000 acres of wooded wilderness, other resorts in PA cannot match our natural beauty. We also have a Birds of Prey Program for those interested in eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, and osprey. Students can give back by helping build bicycles for charity!

Resorts in PA

Consult our website for all-inclusive daily and overnight class trip prices. All packages include three hearty meals and endless fun from dawn to dusk. Woodloch Resort has proven itself to be the premier class trip destination in the entire Northeast, especially among resorts in PA. Start your class trip search with Woodloch deep in the heart of the Poconos!