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There’s something to be admired about persistance in humans- not giving up on pursuing things that you desire, even if the odds aren’t exactly in your favor. If we want something badly enough, we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Even outrunning the Storm of the Century.

Case in point- Ann Mirto and the Bethpage Senior Group. 

As Hurricane Sandy meandered up towards the Mid-Atlantic coast, businesses were closed and many were forced to evacuate. Even with all the craziness, Ann, the group’s leader, was still determined to make it. She made the call around 5 AM on Monday, October 29th to Randy, their driver to pick them up and escort them to Woodloch. “I’ll take my chances (with the weather),” said Ann. “When I say GO, we GO!” She was able to convice 16 of her friends to do the same.

The bus was among the last vehicles permitted through before city bridges were closed down. 

The “Bethpage 17” made it safe and sound to Woodloch. Though we had minor power outages across the region, our generators fired up and we had a somewhat normal (albeit breezy) midweek. “We enjoyed ourselves tremendously,” says Mirto. In fact, the 17’s kids made use of their vacated apartments in the storm’s aftermath. Miraculously, their development was left mostly unscathed. In fact, many of their children and relatives retreated to their homes to escape the storm’s wrath elsewhere. “We’ll be back,” said Ann. And I don’t doubt her for a second. 

They even made commemorative shirts:

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While this is a warming tale of determination in the face of danger, Hurricane Sandy left a vey devestating path of destruction throughout the Northeast and many are still in the need of help. There are plenty of ways in which you can make a difference; contact the American Red Cross today to see how!