Road Trip Concierge

“Are we there yet?!”

This is easily one of the most frustrating (yet completely validated) questions that a family must face during any given road trip.

Contrary to belief, life is a JOURNEY, not just a destination- and every vacation you take should follow suit! Sure, it’s nice to get from A to B with minimal headaches and roadblocks- but think of everything you might just be missing out on. There are games to be played, sights to see, and good times to be shared with those you love the most!

Woodloch Resort is proud to introduce its newly appointed Road Trip Concierge®, Brooke Kiesendahl James. Having grown up in the family business and worked at the resort since she was a young girl, Brooke assumed the title this summer and is a natural fit for the position. Coming from a very large family and being the mother of a first grader and a pre-schooler of her own, she always has a plan of action in getting from point A to point B with a smile and a story to tell.

“Vacation should start the moment the family is packed tightly in the car (or plane),” explains Brooke Kiesendahl James. “Some of our best family memories were made on the way to where we wanted to be. Take it from me, in a family-owned company, we work together, travel together, eat together and play together . . . we have had to get creative to keep the peace during all of our travels, especially knowing all of the places we still intend to go.”

Woodloch’s resident expert can be utilized by any guest in planning their trip to the family resort, or anywhere for that matter. Take advantage of Brooke’s great Road Trip Concierge® website, loaded with links, tips and suggestions, downloadable games and activities, coloring pages, en-route photo-op suggestions, off-the-beaten-track driving routes and even songs and stories.

Equipped with natural instinct, a personal collection of secret weapons and tools and a social staff of over 60 people, the Road Trip Concierge® is ready to hit the pavement.

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