Traveling with Teens

Keeping teenagers entertained is easier than you might think!

  • Geocaching: There’s no way you can resist the thrill of a good ol’ fashioned treasure hunt! Using your GPS, simply plug in the coordinates and your quest to find geocaches begins! It gives you the perfect excuse to stretch your legs and unleash your inner explorer!
  • “Who’s Next Door?”: You travel alongside them for miles… aren’t you curious to hear their stories?  With this game, glance at neighboring cars as you travel and create a backstory for them- what are their names, what are their jobs, why are they traveling… the sky’s the limits! Have some serious fun with this one!
  • “20 Questions”: Just like we play at Woodloch! Somebody thinks of something- and I do mean it can be anything!  The rest of the group then takes turns carefully asking “yes / no” questions (20, to be precise…) in an effort to narrow down possibilities and correctly guess the thing. Winning guess picks the next subject!

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