Travel Tips

Travel Tips

  • Right before you leave, update your GPS! Roads can be under construction and detours may need to be taken! And along those lines, no technology is completely unbreakable- purchase a paper map just in case!
  • Prepare your vehicle- along with obviously fueling up, remember to check your oil, fluids, wipers and air pressure. There’s nothing worse than starting a vacation off in the breakdown lane of a major interstate!
  • Utilize rest stops. Even if you’re “good” for the moment, stretch your legs and use the restroom. You never know what lies ahead on the road, which brings us to
  • “ROLL WITH IT.” Hopefully you have no “speedbumps” along your journey to Woodloch, but just in case, don’t feel discouraged! Let things slide, and don’t be overwhelmed by hiccups. Remember all the great things that lie ahead for your stay at Woodloch and press on!

Packing Advice

  • Making sure you have “everything you need” can be a bit trying for some travelers, and new guests in particular. Here are a few ways that you can minimize stress while organizing items to pack:
  • Check the forecast. It might seem obvious, but weather can be somewhat tempermental and a sunny warm day can turn into a chilly evening. Scout out advance reports.
  • When in doubt, make a list! As you physically put your items into your suitcases, then and only then shall you check them off! Do this at a time where you can focus and free of distractions.
  • When using our lake and pool facilities, you will not be needing any towels at all. Take that worry out of your mind!
  • Don’t forget cameras, extra memory cards and batteries. You will be making plenty of vacation memories that you will want to capture forever!
  • Try to leave some room in your vehicle for things you might purchase on your trip- we offer plenty of cool souvenirs for friends and family back home… and delicious baked goods as well!

As always, never be afraid to call us with any other lingering questions you might have! Our reservations team will be happy to help you out with any of your packing inquiries!

Need Help?

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