The Other Side of Woodloch Wedding Planning

“Yeah…we knew it all along!” “No surprise there!” we’ve been hearing this a LOT since the big news got out. What news you ask? Drum roll please…… Cara, Woodloch’s wedding coordinator, is getting married! AND GUESS WHAT….she’s celebrating here, at Woodloch! Her very own Woodloch Wedding.

Cara, and her fiancé Nick, are officially tying the knot on June 9th, 2018. Their wedding ceremony will be held at a local church, and then after they will merrily arrive to the Inn at Woodloch for their reception.  Cara and Nick are originally from Massachusetts, now living just a few miles down the road from the resort. Making this their new home together, they knew this was the absolute best place to celebrate. They are looking forward to their friends and family visiting their new home to experience the official “Woodloch way.”

Because Cara is a wedding coordinator, we decided to sit down and ask her about her planning experience…but this time from THE OTHER SIDE, as the bride herself. Everything she verbalizes to her wedding couples every day will be personally put to good use. The advantages she has are unbelievable! I mean she knows everything…she knows the entire staff, every dining option, everyone on the recommended vender list, where the light switches are located, down to the very last pastry item.

This is where we cue our future couples, grab a pen and paper to jot down these valuable insights Cara unselfishly shares with us!

Questions we asked Cara:

  1. What is it like being on the other side of wedding planning?
  2. What is it like planning your own WOOLDOCH wedding?
  3. Why did you choose Woodloch as your venue?
  4. Do you think you have an advantage being a wedding planner during this process or more difficult because you do this every day?
  5. What do you find your most challenging task so far?
  6. Are you having similar challenges as other Woodloch couples do?
  7. When is your wedding? Do you feel you’re on the right track / a good pace in terms of planning?
  8. What is your favorite part about wedding planning?
  9. Because you are having a Woodloch wedding, what is the most Woodloch thing you incorporated in your wedding?
  10. Have you taken your own advice that you give to your couples planning their wedding?
  11. Are you using any of the recommended venders on the Woodloch list?
  12. What is some advice you could give to future brides/grooms now that you personally went through the wedding planning process?

We can’t wait for this special day to arrive for Cara and Nick! Congratulations and we wish the best in years to come!