A Quintessential Summer Bucket List for Teens

Summer’s is HERE. This summer aims to be a memorable one for various reasons. While COVID-19 has affected just about every aspect of our lives, there’s nothing quite like basking in summer’s golden radiance at Woodloch Resort with the family by your side and new friends in our contact list. The Pocono Mountains, mainly Woodloch’s 1,500-acre lakeside haven, are an idyllic place to try new things, conquer fears, make new friends, and see another wilder side of Mom and Dad. A fun, very 2020-esque activity for many teens and adolescents is crafting a summertime bucket list, complete with a bevy of attainable yet undeniably outrageous activities. Thus, we decided to craft our own summer bucket list for teens. Each of these items can be achieved right here in Hawley, PA, under two hours from the heart of Manhattan.

A Summer Bucket List for Teens: 35 Items in 35 Days

This comprehensive summer bucket list for teens could stretch for days. But, for your own sake, we’ve whittled it down to 35 items. It’s worth noting that despite recent events, Woodloch will be operational starting June 19, 2020, with the majority of our regular programming back in full force! That being said, we highly recommend that all prospective guests scan through our most recent special statement, which includes information about the resort’s top-of-the-line Wellness Standard, our AHLA Safe Stay award, the refashioned dining experience, fully-functional activities, and our safety promise to each and every guest who visits this little slice of Pennsylvanian heaven. Feel free to print off this summer bucket list for teens to enhance the overall visitor experience. Otherwise, make a mental note of your favorite ideas.

  1. Photo of a Small Group on Bumper Boats, Perfect for a Summer Bucket List for Teens.Hike into the wild
  2. Crash into your foes in a bumper boat
  3. Successfully climb a rock wall
  4. Toss a ringer while playing horseshoes
  5. Master KanJam
  6. Putt a hole-in-one at a mini-golf course
  7. Lap your family on the go-kart track
  8. Land a bullseye on the archery range
  9. Build a sandcastle with your younger siblings
  10. Kayak (or paddleboard) into the middle of the lake
  11. Capture the perfect Insta pic
  12. Win a game of bingo
  13. Dance to the pleasingly raucous beats of a silent DJ
  14. Win gold at the Summer Olympics
  15. Join a scavenger hunt
  16. Splash in the lake
  17. Stargaze at a bonfire
  18. Slurp the world’s tastiest ice cream cone
  19. Start a water gunfight
  20. Bake your heart out at cake wars
  21. Road trip with the fam
  22. Watch a popcorn flick while devouring a large bowl of unduly-buttered popcorn on a rainy day
  23. Catch a scale-tipping walleye
  24. Finish an enthralling young-adult novel in the sand
  25. Create a wavy summer playlist for those long car rides (with Tame Impala, Washed Out, Beach House, LCD Soundsystem, and Kurt Vile as your DJs)
  26. Try Geocaching
  27. Learn to love coffee
  28. Write a letter to a sweetheart (or Grandma and Grandpa)
  29. Photo of a Young Woman Serving During a Beach Volleyball Match, Perfect for a Summer Bucket List for Teens.Sleep in…a lot
  30. Turn off your phone for an entire day
  31. Conquer a fear
  32. Picnic with the family
  33. Make a new “pen pal” at the resort
  34. Play beach volleyball
  35. Perform a random act of kindness

The Liveliest Mountain Resorts in Pennsylvania

Hopefully, these 35 summer bucket list ideas for teens stir up smile- or laugh-inducing visuals of prior rousing vacations to Woodloch. You won’t find a more suitable destination for your next family getaway, as Woodloch is all-inclusive, family-centered, top-reviewed, historical, and solely dedicated to providing the wildest, most unforgettable experiences yet. So, please feel free to browse through our all-inclusive Poconos vacation packages to start saving on your next escape from New York City. We’re currently offering some of the most outrageous savings to date! Again: The Woodloch experience is officially back! Together we can stop the spread. And together, we can ensure that this summer is celebrated for many years to come.

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