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~Shared by J. Ranner

It first presents itself to the skin; the sun’s warm glowing rays sends some Vitamin D coursing through your veins. Next, you smell the succulent scent of the barbeque. Ribs, juicy burgers and charred hot dogs catch your nose, and lure you in like a bass from the lake. And finally, the spirited sounds of the Beach Boys gently catches your eardrum.

Yes, it’s FINALLY summertime!

As many of our longtime friends know, and as many of new friends will soon discover, nothing quite marks the season like a good old-fashioned cookout at Woodloch Pines. That has been “The Woodloch Way” for decades! After the feast lies an even more exciting Woodloch tradition: our annual carnival! All of our guests are given 10 tickets to try their hand at some games of skill and chance in order to win the prizes they have dreamed of all their lives (Whoopee cushions? Yep, I’m in!)

Each year to keep things fresh, the Social Department works diligently to re-invent all of our games to fit a new theme. With Apple slowly taking over the world, we found it only appropriate to model this year’s games after popular mobile apps!  What exactly can you expect to see? I’m not one for spoilers, so I can only give you some hints! 

  • Certain feathered creatures that aren’t particularly happy…
  • Taking a spirited jog through an ancient structure of some sort
  • That Joey guy… he sure likes MUSIC :)

And that’s all you’ll get for now. Our first carnival will boot on Memorial Day Weekend and will run through the summer! And that’s just a small part of the great value action-packed vacation that you will experience here! For continual updates on everything fun, be sure to visit Woodloch Edge