Woodloch's Wall of Fun in the Poconos!

On your first visit to Woodloch, it is our hope that you get the chance to strengthen bonds between both family and friends and leave us with a lifetime of memories. Upon your return to us, we thoroughly enjoy seeing those fortified connections come back- often, that spirit takes the form of team custom T-Shirts. We’ve literally seen HUNDREDS of unique garments pass through over the years!

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In summer of 2011, Woodloch hosted its first ever “Team T-Shirt Contest.” Guests had all summer to snap shots of their teammates wearing their custom-made shirts and then tag us in their photo on Facebook. Once all submissions were reviewed, voting for the winning t-shirt began. Since final voting was very close, we ended up with 2 winning shirts, which are now proudly shadow-boxed and on display in our North Lodge on the famous “Wall of Fun!”


The winning design was submitted by “The Weenies” consisting of the Stewart, Marinis, Gulmi, and Robinson families. The groups met and became friends here over MANY years of family vacations. In spirit of the games, they felt it was necessary to make a shirt of their own. “We tried to include many of the things that made Woodloch special and that only those that go would really understand,” says Megan Stewart. “Only those that know Woodloch could identify all those times giving your child money for the game room, the importance of checking out and buying yet another sweatshirt, comprehend the excitement of winning a horse, and understand the stress when reviewing your bar bill. The final item is of course the most precious one. The friendships we have made are the most valuable things of all.”


The runner-up design, created by Brianne Pepe, is a “mad lib” salute to her family’s Woodloch vacations. She and her family have been guests for over 15 years and made many friends along the way. “Over the years we have made a bunch of shirts, some using old activity sheets, some using our inside jokes and even one to celebrate our friends 21st birthday,” says Brianne. “This year we wanted to make a shirt that all of us could wear. John Gavin came up with the idea of making a Woodloch mad lib and I took the idea and ran with it. I wanted to make sure it could be personalized for

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 everyone and really describe the Woodloch experience. I wanted to leave room for things to be funny, like talking about JK’s pants, and leave opportunities to be a little bit sentimental too.” Brianne is already in the planning stages for next years shirt!


All in all, it’s not really what these shirts look like or how flashy and appealing they are. It’s about the good times with great friends that they will ALWAYS represent. Long after you leave our lots and start the tread home, the memories from your Woodloch vacations live on in your team shirts- perhaps best exemplified by these two outstanding designs. Perhaps Ms. Stewart said it best- “Our friendships continue because Woodloch brought us together. For that we will be forever grateful.”