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~Shared by J. Ranner

Time is a funny thing. Passage of it has never been consistent, at least to me. Sometimes, I would watch the second hand of the clock crawl almost to a halt as I would be counting away the minutes until my weekend would start. But more often than not, the opposite is true: time goes by way too fast, and the next thing you know the years are in your rearview mirror.

Perhaps this is shown most prevalently through the growth of our children. One minute it seems they are running wildly around without a care in the world, and the next they are calling you from college to say how much they miss you… and that they need to be spotted a few dollars. We can all agree that no matter how much time you may think you may have with your kids, it will go by quickly and unfortunately be over with before you know it. That’s just a fact of life that there isn’t any getting around.

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However, here at Woodloch, we are memory makers: a producer of durable memories and industrial strength bonding agents. We pride ourselves in not only offering a plethora of activities to make children happy but to also include parents in on the fun- here, we give you the opportunity to have FUN with your kids! We encourage parents to actively participate in events with their kids:

  • Help your kids as they create a special arts and crafts project
  • Splash around at our pool complex
  • Cruise along our go-kart track with your child as a passenger
  • Hop in a paddle boat and explore Lake Teedyuskung
  • Enjoy world-class entertainment from the likes of magician Jay Mattioli or the famous Hilby.
  • Compete with them in our Olympics or Double Dare events for a chance to win the Woodloch gold medal!
And the list goes on and on- the stage is set for you to have many happy times here with your children. Ultimately, though, it is on you to follow through.
Carpe diem. Take the initiative to make the most out of the time you have with your kids before they aren’t so little anymore! The door is open…
all you need to do is walk through!