The Case for A Vacation Home Rental

There’s something to be said about the comfort of waking up on vacation or a getaway in a beautiful home as opposed to a standard rectangular box of a hotel room. Of course, you need the right situation to stay in a home and the home needs to suit the needs of your adventure.

We’re going to break down some of the positives of staying in a vacation rental home, and more specifically the value of staying under the umbrella of a resort, versus a hotel room and booking a home from a private owner directly.


No matter how hard a hotel tries to make those gray accent walls and square rooms cozy and homey, it will still have a synthetic, cookie-cutter vibe. Staying in a vacation rental, you’ll often feel like you’re staying comfortably in an old friend’s house where the personality of its owners shines through.


Sure, a hotel room can have very nice decor, comfortable bedding, it’ll check all the amenity boxes you need, but a hotel room is a room, is a room, is a room. Private houses can offer so much more diversity. Diversity in style, design and of course decoration. You can go over the top and stay in the “home of your dreams” or you can try something a bit more unique, like a treehouse, or a boathouse.


Cook your own meals. This offers those with special dietary restrictions an ample opportunity to get away without the worry of relying on a commercial kitchen to get their issues managed properly. Little kids, picky eaters? Take care of them easily here before you take the group out to a restaurant.


This is a great way to save money along the way. If relying on this kitchen to make your own meals, or just by splitting the cost between families or friends sharing the home, you can drive down the price pretty quickly.


There’s so much more opportunity to spend time together in a vacation rental. Instead of having to awkwardly sit on a couple of queen beds and a desk chair, private homes will often offer up a common room or more for gathering space and a chance to connect. These homes serve as a great way to keep the party going, or reconnect with the family, catch up with distant cousins, or get some extra teambuilding in for your business retreat.


You really can have the best of both worlds by staying in a vacation rental within the confines of a resort property. When you use a service like Airbnb or VRBO, there are a lot of unknowns to what you’re getting in to such as if you have to bring your own towels or sheets, what’s really stocked in the kitchen, and how much cleanup do I really have to do upon checking out? The resort option gives you the comfort of service, knowing someone responsive is on staff to help with your needs not to mention housekeeping on demand plus the added benefit of activity and action right at your fingertips.

As you can see there are a number of factors in the decision-making process of where to stay. If you looking for a place to get some extra face time with your family, friends or coworkers, if you need some flexibility and freedom in dining, if you want some extra space or something different, the vacation rental home might be the best money for value for you!