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~Shared by J. Ranner

For as long as I can remember, embracing the spirit of “family togethering” has been instilled into my moral fiber. Not that I had much of a choice.

I was lucky enough to be born to a father that is the living embodiment of Clark W. Griswold of Vacation fame (if you’re unfamiliar with the movies, they’ve earned my seal of approval). Anyway, my dad, despite his incredibly busy schedule, always set aside time during the holidays to both visit family and more recently have family and friends visit him. My parents always make this time not because of convenience (anyone who’s ever hosted a holiday will agree) but out of necessity. Our lives are all crazy, and nobody can really ever tell what’s going to happen from year to year. Nothing worse than regret.

Because of this, my family congregates every Christmas Eve for the same rituals. I can only surmise that many of you do the same.

Some years run smoother than others. And then you really DO have Griswold years when nothing seems to go right. Holidays, while hopefully enjoyable and uneventful, can also be quite the opposite. Any sitcom ever made will tell you that.

Let’s not forget the cooking, cleaning, and traveling that accompanies holiday visits. It can be so overwhelming that in the grand scheme of things, you just might forget what you had been celebrating in the first place…

So with that in mind, why not compromise and get the best of both worlds? Hang out with the people you love and bond with them while avoiding all of the not-quite-so-much-fun aspects of gathering. Woodloch is an outstanding place to gather with everyone special in your life for good times! And December just happens to be loaded with all types of great holiday activities!

  • Hunt down our holiday “Yule Log” and bring good luck to all in 2016!
  • Gather round’ a crackling fire for spirited caroling, egg nog, and a special visitor from the North Pole (or a lump of coal…)
  • Experience the magical illumination of our “Festival of Lights” wagon rides!
  • Holiday one-stop shopping with our Craft Fair!
  • Put your holiday baking skills to the ultimate test with our “Gingerbread Wars!”
  • and much, much more!
Decembers are “dazzling” at Woodloch and offer the perfect opportunity to not only be with those you hold dearest but also relieve yourself of some holiday stress! No cooking or cleaning necessary; you just have to dedicate yourself to enjoy time with those you hold dearest!
I think you can manage that! :)