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~ shared by Tammy Compton


Do you hear that?

A child’s engaging giggle.

Water gently lapping at the shoreline.

Birds tweeting their sing-song message overhead.

A chorus of friendly shouts and laughter down at the lake.

If memory-making moments have a sound, then that’s it. And trust me, you never get tired of hearing it.

The boss pointed it out to me the other day. Our shift had ended, and we were walking towards the staff parking lot when she turned to me with a question:  “Do you hear that?”

“That” was the joyous sound of children playing in the lake. Their shouts brought an instant smile to our faces.  How could they not?

“That just sends a shiver because to me it’s just the greatest joy to hear a child interacting with another child where they might normally be playing (alone) with electronic devices instead of  enjoying the type of games that we have here,” said Lynn. “They’re actually communicating and interacting between themselves and others.”

Lynn VanBlarcom, my boss, is the Reservations Department Manager. She’ll mark 30 successful years at Woodloch at the end of August.   

 “It does your heart good to be able to hear the sounds of summer at Woodloch. It never wears out,” Lynn said.  

And she’s right. There’s something about the sight, the sound and the summer smells at Woodloch.

Take the weekly cookout for example, chock full of summer favorites complete with corn on the cob, grilled burgers and hotdogs, sauerkraut and chili, pulled pork sliders, bags of steamers, and then some.  

There’s just no beating that barbeque smell, and as Lynn calls it, “family togethering” on the front lawn.

The other day, I was savoring my BBQ Woodloch lunch on the lakeview deck, just enjoying those sights and sounds we’ve been discussing. The sun was shining off the crystal blue waters  of Lake Teedyuskung as Woodloch speedboats cut circular paths with water skiers in tow.  Paddleboats, sailboats, kayaks and canoes gently bobbed on the waves with their captains at the stern. And a little girl with a bright green bucket carried pailfuls of sand to her beachfront creation.  

“You’ve got the best view in the house,” I told the elderly gentleman to my left.  “I know,” he agreed, enjoying our shared view.

He and his family started coming to Woodloch 30 years ago, but he’s enjoying it anew through the eyes of his grandchildren.

“Woodloch certainly is beautiful,” I said.

Looking up from leisurely reading the newspaper, he considered for a moment before summing up Woodloch in one word.

“Wholesome,” he said.

I agree.