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~shared by Joseph J. Ranner

The great American football coach George Allen once said, “Winning is the science of being toally prepared.” Though every once in a while we’re brushed with a stroke of good luck, more often than not, champions are crowned through hard work, persistance and mental preperation. (I feel inclined to make a joke about the Cleveland Browns… but that city has been through enough.) 

I’ve had the pleasure of working in activities with guests for the past 16 years and I feel like I’ve gotten to know many of you on a personal level. And while we all know that the real joy in competing in Woodloch events is simply forgetting life’s troubles and enjoying some smiles with your family and best friends, we all know that winning sometimes just feels really GOOD. 

So be glad that you took the time to read this article. Whether you’re a “Woodloch veteran” or new to the game, we thought we’d give you guys just a little heads-up on ways to get an “edge” on your competition this summer. While I can’t ensure that this will get a medal on your neck, I can promise you that it will be worth your time to heed our advice! 



This one always takes the “newbies” by surprise. Forget any conventional hunts that you may have done in the past- there’s nothing quite like Woodloch’s Traditional Scavenger Hunt. Every year, we make it a point to make our hunts bigger, more challenging and ultimately better by adding new puzzles and mixing things up.

At its core, though, the same principles will always give teams a competitive advantage. Research our social staff’s website,, thoroughly just before you leave for your stay. There are several puzzles and games that offer list items as a reward, but we also give quite a few FREEBIES. Boom! 

Additionally, it can’t hurt to look at our Photo Gallery for additional clues. After all, you might just end up needing to dress up as a certain character! 

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You know. The stuff that ONLY happens at Woodloch!

Whether you are competing in our new Sci-Fi Games, Jurassic Loch lake games and our famous Summer Olympics, one thing remains constant: you are going to need to hustle. You don’t necessarily need the biggest and fastest team, but there needs to be some heart and motivation as your driving force! Those are the factors that make the biggest difference between being THE BEST instead of one of the rest.

Speaking of size, it’s actually a strategic advantage to have some smaller teammates in many of our games!  Nimble, agile and more compact friends on your team come in handy during many of the events in Family Double Dare and Pool Games! Small… but mighty!

Before heading out in that hot summer sun, be ready. Eat a good meal for energy before gametime (we feed you guys plenty here) and don’t be afraid to stretch out a bit beforehand. 

There’s a better than good chance that many of us haven’t ran for a while… and you’ll know this because you haven’t ran for a while. 

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So… maybe athletics aren’t your forte- which I understand completely. I was, and still am, the kid that would get hit in the face with a basketball every week in phys ed. Some of the more scholarly individuals find our greatest joys in flexing our intelligence for the gold. Woodloch offers an abundance of great trivia contests to showcase our smarts. As the old saying goes… “10 heads are better than one.

“Name That Tune” and “Woodloch Goest to the Movies,” how I love thee! As much of a pop culture aficionado that I may be, I simply cannot tackle this all alone. To win big in these very competitive events, you have to properly recruit. Can’t tell Taylor Swift from Katy Perry? Recruit some young blood to help you out. Know that Grandma is a huge film noir fan? She’s going to come in handy. Some of the most successful teams we’ve seen here were the most eclectic groups of individuals you could think of! 

Our Dessert Wars are brand new for summer of 2015. And there a lot of elements to a successful team. Someone needs to be artsy, neat and clean for a stellar presentation. RECRUIT THEM. You need someone with a vivid imagination (young kids are CLUTCH here). RECRUIT THEM. You need someone who is wise with a budget and can make good decision in a bind. RECRUIT THEM. All of these factors collectively make the best Dessert Wars teams! 



Last but not least, I will say that teams that earn medals always have a good leader. All of these games require a Team Captain. That captain is a coach, cheerleader and judge all at once, and good leadership brings in medals. Your captain must be an adult and somewhat responsible (which should, in theory, limit it to just about one person on your team. Easy decision)



Of course, you can follow all of this advice and simply be beaten. Hey, it happens- we have a lot of guests craving that same Woodloch gold that you are. A long time ago, someone once told me that they never “lose”- either you win big or learn something. Take that knowledge back, grow from the experience and keep trying. 

Because if one thing’s for sure, quitters never win and winners NEVER quit!


Good luck to everyone out there this summer- may the odds be ever in your favor.