Your big day is approaching and those RSVPs are coming in fast! Your wedding reception ideas are in place, but how do you keep track of everything going forward? Who’s coming, who’s not, and who’s bringing a date? What are they eating?

Never mind when it comes time to do the seating. Who are you placing where? What if you can’t even read the handwriting on the response card? Then what do you do? It sounds bizarre, but it’s happened! Most of the time, you have to give the venue an exact headcount along with what each guest will be eating, where he/she will be sitting, and with whom.

Here’s a tip from a
Woodloch wedding coordinator: Make a spreadsheet or chart right from the beginning to help keep things

First, create your spreadsheet or chart when you send out the invitations. This document should include: name, address, save the date sent, number invited, number attending, entrée (if necessary), and gift.

Second, get two boxes, and label one “yes” and one “no.” Then, as the invitations come in, sort them in the appropriate boxes, and mark your chart with the appropriate answers. This will help you track invitations sent, numbers of people, and gifts given for the thank you cards later!

Some extra’s:

*  When making your chart, group guests by families, friends, co-workers, etc. This way, when it comes time to do the seating, it’s easier to decide who sits where.

*  You can even add guests’ table numbers at the end and forward the chart (or at least parts of it) to your wedding coordinator. They will appreciate your organization, and it will help them help you!

*  Number everyone on your chart 1 through 150 (or however many guests you have in total). Then, in pencil, lightly write that number on the corresponding response card. This way you won’t have trouble deciphering whose card it is!

Follow these steps, and you’re well on your way towards stress-free wedding planning!

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