Travel Trends 101

The Rise of Multigenerational Travel

With the rise of travel websites and the ease of booking trips online, planning group travel is now easier than ever before. These days, who hasn’t a least browsed Priceline, Expedia, or Temptation to travel is everywhere, and properties are competing heavily — whether it be on price or product — for consumer’s business!

With so many options available to today’s travelers, it may come as somewhat of a surprise that multi-generational travel is a top travel trend. It makes sense however. The Baby Boomer generation, comprised of individuals born between the 1940s and the early 1960s, have more free time and money to spend than any other demographic these days. Unsurprisingly, these same individuals tend to be grandparents looking for opportunities to spend time with their children and grandchildren. Add time, money, and an interest in family bonding and POOF! You have the perfect combination for a multi-generational getaway!

Just how popular is multigenerational travel these days? Let’s take a look at some stats:

40% of all active leisure travelers have taken at least one multigenerational trip over the last year. (Source: Leisure Group Travel)

25% of all leisure travelers are grandparents and 37% traveled with their grandchildren. (Source: Leisure Group Travel)

Grandparents travel almost 25% more than the average leisure traveler, taking four or more trips yearly. (Source: Leisure Group Travel)

33-40% of the $270 billion in leisure travel is multigenerational. (Source: Travel Age West)

Multigenerational trips, along with “bucket list” and summer vacations, are among boomers’ three favorite types of trips. (Source: AARP)

Grandparents, more so than parents (35% vs. 25%), are more willing to pay for multigenerational trips to “help family members enjoy a vacation they otherwise could not afford.” (Source: Preferred Hotels and Resorts)

Need more convincing? A recent survey conducted by Virtuoso, a well-respected network of international travel agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel, found that the top travel trend for 2016 was multigenerational travel. (Virtuoso: Scientists in the Art of Travel) Multigenerational travel even beat out travel with immediate family!

Something For Everyone

There’s no need to read between the lines to figure out that traveling with the extended family gives everyone the opportunity to spend quality time together, enjoy life, and presumably, split the bills. For families seeking anything and everything from down-time to high adventure, key vacation spots range from beach houses and villa rentals to city excursions and cruises. But since everyone has their own idea of fun — grandma golfs while the teenagers shop — the most popular destinations cater to many tastes and, indeed, budgets.

Anyone following the trends knows that today’s travelers are using the online channel, with or without the help of a travel agency. They might book supplier-direct or work through their travel agent’s website or OTA, depending on what they’ve done in the past or what’s been recommended by their family, friends, or via marketing. Yet, according to Travel Research: 2016 Travel Trends from AARP, baby boomers
will not use travel booking websites for planning trips to the same degree that their younger counterparts will (50% versus 77% for Millennials and 74% for GenXers).

Interestingly, 40% of both grandparents and parents surveyed by Preferred Hotel Group say their children “actively participate in or influence vacation planning,” and 40% have “selected a destination based at least partially on the information, photos, or videos they viewed on social media websites.” And 25% say they have “selected a travel service supplier based on exposure to the same content.” You might enjoy How Travel Companies Are Gearing Up to Accommodate Generation Z.

Get Away From It All

It’s no mystery that multigenerational travel has gathered such steam. In today’s fast-paced, technology-centric world, people are looking for
a relaxing escape from the everyday hustle bustle. Additionally, families are living farther apart geographically than ever before. Who wouldn’t want a break from their computer and phone screens and long commute times? Vacations with the extended family are the perfect antidote to these modern day woes.

Multigenerational vacations may bring to mind a mild sense of anxiety similar to that of a family reunion. Who will I see? What will I do? Will it be awkward? But there is no need for fear! These days, when it comes to planning your family vacation, a little research goes a long way. Whether you choose to travel abroad for some international adventure or kick back at all-inclusive resort stateside, there is truly a destination for every taste and budget. When we look at the big picture here, the goal is just for everyone to relax, enjoy, and spend quality time together. No complications necessary!

When you’re ready to plan your next multigenerational getaway, you might want to keep Woodloch in mind. Our vacation rentals provide the comfort of large shared living spaces and the privacy of separate bedrooms and baths. Our traditional American Plan comes complete with three meals daily, but if cooking is your family’s thing, enjoy your vacation rental’s fully equipped kitchen. A variety of activities, amenities and entertainment guarantee that no one is bored, regardless of age. From go carts and bumper cars to pools and boating to organized games and contests that get the whole gang going, the fun doesn’t stop.

If we have yet to convince you to get away with the extended fam, we’ll leave you with a few words in closing. Unfortunately, time never stops, and every minute becomes more and more precious as the days pass. Don’t miss out on valuable bonding time when the opportunity presents itself. Actions speak louder than words . . . traveling with the entire family is the perfect way to say “I love you!”

-Erica Bloch