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~Shared by J. Ranner

Darwinism. Now there’s a word I haven’t heard since ninth grade biology. Yet working here at Woodloch, as crazy as it sounds, it’s something that I can’t help but think of on a routine basis.

Whether it’s hot and sunny or cold and rainy, we strive to give our guests a great vacation. Our biggest opponent (and on sunny days, ally) is Mother Nature herself. Where lesser resorts would close up shop, call it a day and send you off on your own, Woodloch shines.  Year-round, we offer a wide spectrum of indoor activities to keep all ages happy. Simply put, you don’t stay in business for over 50 years without the ability to adapt- having the tenacity to stand up when others are falling down. Survival of the fittest. Having worked here for more than a decade, I attribute Woodloch’s longevity to both our amazing staff (no exaggeration) and our ability to have a great time with our guests, no matter the circumstances.

We offer all sorts of games and contests to help you make great vacation memories. Why not try one of our trivia games? Put on your judges robe and take on real legal cases in our You Be the Judge game. Music lovers or movie buffs in the family? Join us for Name That Tune and Movie Game. Or round up your relatives for a little Family Feud action.corporate meeting planning, luxury spa

Or perhaps you’re one of the athletic types. Our indoor gymnasium hosts dozens of different events that challenge your physical prowess . . . ok, some more so than others. Want to try something new and different? Our Wallyball games, which take place at our indoor pool and sports complex, bring the game of volleyball indoors and allow you to play off the walls. This is a great game that every athlete should try! Compete for medals, or just reserve a court and play a pickup game.  

Last but certainly NEVER least, Woodloch knows exactly how to keep our youngest customers satisfied. We offer arts and crafts daily, and now we have an arts and crafts room open all day for some quality project time. Special events are always on tap for your child. When they really have a lot of energy to burn, check out our Woodloch’s Forest, an indoor playground facility. We offer a huge selection of activities all in one place!

So, even when Mother Nature decides to play by her own rules, have no fear! Woodloch is here to make your vacation as special as possible, no matter the conditions.

We make it happen.