So… Why a WOODLOCH Wedding?

~ shared by J. Ranner

The moment happened. The question was asked. The ring was presented. The crowd went wild. Time seemed to have frozen for the moment, then decided to pick up at double speed in order to catch up.

Life turns into a little bit of a blur once a couple is engaged. In between responding to the outpouring of well-wishes from friends and family, reality eventually sinks in: you need to find yourself a venue. And in today’s market, there are dozens and dozens of choices for you within any given zip code.

Once that is squared away, the hunt for photographers, caterers, bakeries, bands, DJ’s, linens and all that wonderful stuff begins. It’s going to be an exhausting, yet (keep your fingers crossed to the wedding day) hopefully rewarding process that results in what one would hope would be the happiest day of your life.

Luckily for you, we know a little place that can take so many planning headaches off your shoulders and maybe even make it an even more incredible day for you and your guests, just because that’s what we do! Woodloch could even be described as “the ultimate wedding venue” for a multitude of reasons.

1. THE DESTINATION – One of the best things about a Woodloch Wedding is the ability to have family, guests, and even the couple themselves stay at our resort! With so many traveling across state lines, how great is it to be able to party the night away, then hop on a shuttle for a brief 5 minute ride back to your room?

2. THAT VIEW… – Outdoor weddings at Woodloch include a beautiful backdrop. There’s something quaintly majestic about the serene waters of Lake Teedyuskung, Woodloch’s private lake. Maybe it’s the golden hour glow that brings warmth even on cooler autumn nights, or the absolutely relaxing sounds of tiny waves breaking on the shore. Or possibly… just something magic. The scenery is perfect- just add the couple and their guests!

3. VENDORS MADE EASY – Right off the bat, Woodloch offers wonderful catering options, as well as an on-site bakery for an included wedding cake. For everything else we do not offer, we are fortunate enough to have a distinguished list of dozens of professional vendors that will make your search for help all that much easier.

We even host a Bridal Showcase every winter- absolutely FREE to our “Woodloch” couples!

4. IT’S PERSONAL – Woodloch’s mission statement has always been “to treat each and every guest as if they are company in our own home.” Weddings are no exception!

From day one, you will be assigned a personal wedding coordinator who will help you through the entire planning process. In case any “gameday audibles” need to be called, they will be by your side throughout to ensure success!

5. BEFORE & AFTER – There are definite perks to holding your wedding at one of America’s favorite family resorts! With over 30 daily scheduled activities, it can’t hurt to arrive early for your special day and maybe even stick around for a few after the wedding. We also offer private bonfires & S’mores, contests like Paintball and Family Feud, zip lining, water skiing and so much more- just for you and your wedding crew!

All in all, there is nothing quite like a Woodloch Wedding. So, when good news arrives and you’re looking for a truly immersive wedding experience for you and your guests, look no further than one of America’s favorite family resorts.

After all, weddings are really all about… FAMILY.