Why Woodloch is the Best!

Last year, TripAdvisor gave us the #1 ranking for Best Family Resort in America.

That’s a pretty big honor…

So we got to thinking, what makes Woodloch so special that we are ranked #1?

Woodloch is all sorts of fun. We’re UNIQUE.

Unlike your typical, all-inclusive, family resorts, we literally have it all.   

So, here is the bigger question – what set’s Woodloch apart from other resorts?

  • Exciting family-friendly activities that you won’t find anywhere else
  • The landscape of the Poconos is beautiful
  • We’re not just about families; we dig weddings and corporate events as well!
  • Our Staff

Our goals are for you to go home with long-lasting memories. These four reasons, among many others, are why Woodloch is the best.

Let’s break these four reasons down further. First, our activities . . . there is so much to do here that you might not be able to fit all the fun into one weekend!

You can try just about anything your heart desires here at Woodloch. Want to get down and dirty with a rugged game of paintball? You got it! Want to learn how to rock-climb? We can teach you!

You can even learn how to cook fantastic meals, paint, and experience wine tasting as part of our A.W.A.Y. program, which stands for “Art, Wine, Adventure, You.”

We have a world-class destination spa for those who want to enjoy some R&R. Fuzzy robes, cucumbers, tranquility . . . it’s all there for you!

With over 30 different activities, it’s hard to imagine how one could be bored at Woodloch. That doesn’t even include the additional activities packages that you can purchase to go along with your Woodloch Experience Bracelet.

Plus, our team is all about fun, and who doesn’t like fun? No matter what, your experience at Woodloch is important to us!

28786668353_4f476db2e1_z.jpgNestled in the Pocono Mountains, Woodloch is an excellent destination any time of year. Right now it’s mid-September, and we’re heading into fall. That means the leaves are changing colors and leaf peeping tours will begin. Believe us when we say, this is something you don’t want to miss!

With picture perfect views, activities that will get you out into the wilderness, and friendly staff, what more could you want?

AND, we’re not just about families! We may have won TripAdvisor’s award for the #1 Family Resort in America, but we also cater to large groups for events such as weddings and corporate retreats.

Those events are just as important to us here at Woodloch. Why? They bring people together. They learn, bond, and embrace the Woodloch lifestyle.

We are experts at FUN. Why wouldn’t you want to have your wedding or corporate event at Woodloch? Engage, energize, and entertain with family and friends. We want to celebrate life’s special moments along with you.

Finally, our staff is what makes people come back time and time again. We specialize in a specific brand of hospitality because we treat our guests like they are family. You’re not just going to any resort; you’re going to Woodloch. Here your family becomes our family. We are real and authentic.

Your experience is our experience, and it’s the absolute pinnacle of our success.