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Wintertime Sightseeing in the Pocono Mountains


The Pocono Mountains offer wonderful sightseeing, especially in the wintertime!

We know that our fantastic Woodloch Resort can keep you busy day or night, but sometimes families might want to see the surrounding area. Whether it’s a nature walk, a long bike ride or just a drive through the mountains. You won’t want to miss out on the wonderful sights to see here in Pennsylvania.


When hiking or biking, look out for Poconos waterfalls! They are a sight to see, even during the cold season. Summer allows for the water to rush down rocks and streams, creating a cooling mist. Winter, on the other hand, brings something special to the table. Waterfalls freeze up and create amazing ice sculptures that are photo worthy. Take a look at the different locations for waterfalls in the Pocono Mountain range.

Frozen waterfalls are some of winter’s amazing miracles. You can even get up close and personal to some of these falls. As you approach the falls, you might hear the soft trickling of water from behind the structure. Just be careful with the icicles! As the ice melts, sometimes looser pieces can break or fall off.

Explore the Pocono Mountains

Woodloch Resort, Winter, sightseeing, The Pocono Mountains, WinterIf you do decide to go out on a day trip beyond our resort we recommend heading to the Delaware Highlands Conservancy. You’ll enjoy guided tours and this conservatory allows for some of the best eagle watching in the whole state!

That’s right, eagle watching. Whether on your own or with a guide, see some of the United States majestic beauties glide over the landscape. While eagles can be found year-round. The winter offers a perfect opportunity to view them. Bring binoculars to see birds of prey that are farther away. When viewing these amazing animals remember to read about the eagle etiquette guide before eagle watching.

No matter what you choose to do during your stay with us we know that your winter won’t be completed without a visit to Woodloch Resort.


Book your stay with us today and we hope to see you soon in the Pocono Mountains!