Woodloch Storytellers – tell YOURS here!

It’s been said before but we’ll say it again… time flies while you’re having fun.

In 2018, Woodloch is very proud to be celebrating our 60th year in business- a “Diamond Jubilee,” if you will. The year is going to be filled with all sorts of special festivities and celebrations, and we most certainly want our guests to be a part of it all.

Woodloch is rich in stories. While we have many of our own that we will be sharing, our guests are so important to us that we want to let you know about a very special project that is in the works. While we can’t get into details quite yet, we’re going to be needing your stories. After all… our guests are what made us!

In the form below, please share your “Woodloch Story” with us*. It can be happy memories, a funny anecdote, and maybe even a few bittersweet moments. Photos and video are especially cool- feel free to share those as well! We will be using them in the year to come to share something great with our guests!

*By submitting a story, you hereby give Woodloch permission to use it in the future. Submitting an essay doesn’t guarantee use. 

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