You know that warm welcoming feeling you get when you’re amongst family and good friends; that closeness, acceptance, and general feeling of well-being? That’s Woodloch!

Togethering in the Poconos!

Family is the word that comes to mind when talking about this fun-filled, all-inclusive Poconos resort. It’s like my friend Sharon B. says, “Working here for 27 years, I have seen and experienced families enjoying our resort and each other . . . such a wonderful feeling, from the owners to the landscapers, everyone has a ‘happy’ attitude that bounces off the guests.”

“What’s special about Woodloch to me is that we offer many activities like our family Olympics and the Amazing Race that give families of all ages the opportunity to compete with other families while working together to win,” says reservationist Jeremy B.

“What I find endearing and very unique about Woodloch is how our guests look forward to seeing their favorite staff members as if they are family or old friends, mirroring our very own mission statement, to treat every guest as company in our own homes,” Selina T. says.

Working in Woodloch’s reservations department, I am lucky enough to speak with numerous guests each day, from newcomers to frequent visitors who have been coming to Woodloch since it opened its doors back in 1958 — before I was even born!

There are so many wonderful different stories of families capturing priceless moments and memories that last a lifetime. For example, there was the exuberant young man planning to propose to his girlfriend, complete with a horse-drawn carriage ride. Or the woman booking a 60th anniversary celebration for her parents, both 83-years young, who made me laugh about how much her father loves racing down the snowtube run.

It’s like my friend Sarina B. says, “We all take dozens of vacations in our lifetime, but few, if any, will create the lasting memories of child-like happiness that Woodloch gives you.” That’s the good stuff.

Or how about the poignant story of a young mom who had bravely battled breast cancer, and upon receiving a clean bill of health, thought not of herself but rather surprising her son with a return trip to Woodloch for his birthday. There are no words for that.

Each story is unique. Each story is touching. Each story is Woodloch.

Creating Lifelong Memories in the Poconos