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It’s funny how the human mind works.

For instance, I spent 4 years and a small fortune working towards my college education only to find that I retained just a select quantity of information from those wild years.  I wouldn’t say I’m a dumb kid- certain things just seemed to resonate more with me: “supply and Demand,” a philosophical joke about Renee Descartes and of course, my favorite, “The Law of the Farm.”

I will save you a few thousand dollars and sum up “The Law of the Farm” for you: basically, you reap what you sow. In all facets of life, what you put into something ultimately defines what you will get out of it.  Businesses, exercise routines, and even our relationships… sooner or later, they will ALL ultimately reflect the amount of time and energy that we put into them.

I say this largely because of a recent article that was published in The Wall Street Journal. It brought up the issue of father’s consciously pumping the breaks every once in a while in the wonderful world of work to MAKE TIME to be there for their children.  This isn’t always necessarily for “THE BIG EVENTS” (i.e. ballet recitals, birthdays, proms etc) but also for everyday type things. After all, there are stories to be read, baseball mitts that are begging to be used for catch, and tea parties that request your attendance.

The crux of the article states that making time for family despite a busy work week (which we ALL know about) will ultimately enrich both the HOME and WORK lives. It seems almost counterintuitive to a degree,  but studies have shown that men that are able to “skip out” and “walk away” every so often ultimately have more career satisfaction (as the job can’t be blamed for falling out in relationships).  Such men are also less likely to quit their current jobs. “Happier” employees become “better” employees, and better employees earn promotions and progress their careers. Simple as that. Everyone wins.

Which brings me to my next point.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of the vacation decision making process for Woodloch for the past 15 years, and I’ve noticed a trend among many families that eventually find their way to the beautiful Lake Teedyuskung.  The decision to actually GET AWAY for even a few days, which could and SHOULD be a simple “yes,” often comes with weeks, if not months of deliberation.  We tend to feel guilty not only about money spent but also about time we are taking away from the all-important world of work.

Enter, again, “The Law of the Farm.” Although it is, at first sight, a tough call to make, it is better to slowly fortify both your home and work life by creating opportunities for family bonding.  Not to toot our own horn too much… but what better place to do that than at “The #1 Hotel for Families in America?”



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As all of our veteran guests know, and as many of our incoming new guests will find out, our resort was built upon a solid foundation of family bonding. Almost everything that we do, every game that we offer and every memory that is forged here revolves around YOU spending time with those that mean the most to you! 

The opportunities are EVERYWHERE around you- the question is, are you willing to allow yourself to seize it? I’m hoping you say yes. Vacations aside, in my life experience I’ve come to find that all these “little things” are really “the big things” in the end.



When you get there, I hope you’ve made the right decisions. 

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