Woodloch At Home: Easter Games

After the egg hunts have been concluded, we’ve got a couple of really great Easter games you can enjoy at home with the kids!
You’ll need just a few basic supplies to participate:
  • 1 – Bag of Jellybeans
  • 1- Box of Raisinets or other small chocolate candy
  • Cotton Balls
  • Vaseline
  • PDF file or piece of paper to draw a rabbit on
  • Bowl
  • 5 plastic cups
  • Tape
  • Plastic Eggs
  • Spoons of varying sizes
Jelly Bean Jumble  – Take a bag of jellybeans and place into a bowl and place in the middle of a table. Take an ice cube tray or plastic cups and as a team or individuals, attempt to keep one hand behind your back while you separate the jelly bean colors into individual ice cube slots or cups. Do for time. Can do best of 3.
Peter “CottonTail” – For this, think pin the tail on the donkey with a twist. You will print out a picture of the Easter bunny (here is the PDF) and attach it to a wall in your house. You will dip cotton balls in Vaseline, so they can stick to the print out target. Start a short distance away and attempt to “play darts” by throwing the cotton balls at the bunny’s tail, trying to get them to stick. If you miss, get your cotton ball and get back on line, if you make it, get another. You get one point per cotton ball you get to stick to the page.

Eggsercise – In this game, you will put out several plastic eggs in an egg carton or in some area where they are all together in a pile. Before placing eggs out however, you will write out several exercises (ex. 5 pushups, 10 jumping jacks, etc) and hide them inside of the egg. One at a time, you go out to the egg pile, open an egg and see what exercise you have to do. Upon completion, you run back and tag the next person to go.
Egg and Spoon – Use a hard boiled or plastic egg. Put two markers out or make an obstacle course. Start by placing egg in a ladel, move to a cooking spoon, to tablespoon, to teaspoon and if you’re feeling frisky, a baby spoon. Do for time. Can be done as a race, using big spoons for kids and small spoons for adults to even the playing field.

Egg Hunt With a Twist – Using plastic eggs, place 1 jelly bean in it, or 1 raisinet (no raisinets? any chocolate candy will do). Spread the eggs out for the kids to collect as many as they can. Give them a basket to put them in. At the end of the time limit (2 minutes or when all of the eggs are found), open the eggs. Every jelly bean is 2 points, and every raisinet (bunny poop) is -1. Highest score wins. This is a great equalizer for families with children of varying ages.